Windshield Survey of West Pittston PA 18643 Essay.

Windshield Survey of West Pittston PA 18643 Essay.


This needs to be a 2 page paper of a WINDHSILED SURVEY of WEST PITTSTON PA 18643 for nursing, ATTACHED is an example the teacher provided of Dallas PA.Windshield Survey of West Pittston PA 18643 Essay.


Windshield Survey of West Pittston PA 18643

West Pittston Pennsylvania (PA) 18643 is the area bounded to the East, North, and South by the Susquehanna River and to the West by Fox Hill Country Club. It is found in Luzerne County and has a land area of 0.8 square miles with a population of 4,747 people (World Population Review, 2020).Windshield Survey of West Pittston PA 18643 Essay. There are not many people walking the streets of this town, but the few who can be seen are overwhelmingly White (Caucasian). A few mixed race people can be seen here and there as well as the occasional African American. The streets are clean with mostly well-kept lawns with the occasional vehicle parked here and there. There is a bank on Wyoming Avenue s well as a restaurant. To the west there is the MVP Sports Academy, which demonstrates that the young people in this community are physically active. There are several churches in this town, including the Corpus Christi Parish, Christian Missionary Alliance, Parish of Saint Barbara, and Trinity Episcopal Church. Most houses are single family houses but there are also rental houses. There is a library located on the east side of the town.Windshield Survey of West Pittston PA 18643 Essay.

The median household income in West Pittston is approximately $66,772 and the average cost of a home ranges anywhere between $39,999 and $395,000. The police department is located bit towards the north on Exeter Avenue. Shops for various items, restaurants, beauty parlours, and public offices are within easy reach due to the extensive road network crisscrossing the houses.Windshield Survey of West Pittston PA 18643 Essay. Exeter Gardens is strategically located to the east and a few people can be seen jogging in the area. The residents of this town have a moderate income but live a fairly decent life. There are however visible signs of poverty here and there, but generally most of the residents appear to be above the poverty line. West Pittston is well served with physician offices that are concentrated mainly at the center of the town. There are podiatrists, eye specialists, family physicians, and urologists among others. Public transport is guaranteed in the town with many bus stations scattered across the town including Wyoming Avenue and Philadelphia O, Exeter Avenue and Spring I, and Kennedy and William I amongst others. Schools are also present and within reach by public transport, including Wyoming Early Intervention Center, John F. Kennedy Elementary Center, Pittston City Intermediate Center, and Superintendent of Schools amongst others.Windshield Survey of West Pittston PA 18643 Essay.

The town of West Pittston in Pennsylvania appears to be a good town to live in. It is not overcrowded and there are good public amenities as well as ease of access to healthcare services. There is no evidence of excessive levels of overweight and obesity, and the authorities in Luzerne County have undertaken to provide green spaces where the people can relax, meditate, and exercise.Windshield Survey of West Pittston PA 18643 Essay. The presence of the MVP sports academy also shows that the population in this town takes heir health seriously by engaging in sporting activities. Sports and exercise are significant in preventing overweight and obesity, which are in turn associated with significant chronic comorbidities such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus type II, and hypertension amongst others (Hammer & McPhee, 2018). I can therefore recommend living in this part of Pennsylvania because of the favorable social determinants of health. Another factor making West Pittston desirable to live in is that it has good security and crime rates are low, actually averaging 55% below the national rate.   Windshield Survey of West Pittston PA 18643 Essay.


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