Visual Art Activity Plan Assignment Paper.

Visual Art Activity Plan Assignment Paper.

  • A little about the activity:
    • For this activity plan outline you will be creating an activity plan for integrated study of pets that is focused on visual arts. You will be planning an activity for preschoolers that supports learning in visual arts while also helping the children learn about pets. It should teach children something new about the study or help them express what they have learned about the study topic. Visual Art Activity Plan Assignment Paper.
    • The visual arts activity plan must be developmentally appropriate and process-oriented, NOT product-oriented. For example if all students in the class have to make something identical, it is not acceptable for this assignment.
    • Information on outline form:
    • I have provided an outline form that the teacher provided. Delete all of the activity plan information from the form when you add your own activity information
    • In the form there is a spot that is called needs and under that there is another spot called materials and equipment please do not provide any materials or equipment. Visual Art Activity Plan Assignment Paper.


  • More information:
  • Use IELS 3rd edition section 2 and NAEYC curriculum standards. ( I will provide these so you have access to them) The standards you choose should be related to the area of development/content area i’m currently studying.
  • Use CARA’s Kit to create at least 1 adaptation for the accommodations section.




  • Rubric:
  • Name/Description:
    • 0 pts
    • Full Credit
    • thoroughly and correctly, including assigned/approved domain      and integrated study topic
  • Objectives:
    • 0 pts
    • Full Credit
    • Objectives match with the assigned/identified domain. Objectives     include a verb of what the child will do related to the activity. Visual Art Activity Plan Assignment Paper.


  • Standards:
    • 0 pts
  • Full credit
  • Both NAEYC Standard and Iowa Early Learning Standard include the standard number and standard language. Both standards are related to assigned/approved domain and activity.
  • Needs:
    • 0 pts
    • Full credit
    • Needs for materials/equipment, space/time, preparation/setup are thoroughly described and easily identified.
  • Teaching:
    • 0 pts
    • Full credit
    • Teaching section fully describes introduction, steps written in a numbered list, and closure/transition. A substitute teacher could easily follow the plan.
  • Assessment:
    • 0 pts
    • Full credit
    • Rewrites objectives in the list. Describes what child might do related to objective and assigned domain during the activity. Includes information on documentation. Visual Art Activity Plan Assignment Paper.



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