Vietnamese Cultural Diversity Assignment

Vietnamese Cultural Diversity Assignment

Many times people have commented that globalization strategy popular with Western values ??has caused protests by the barriers maintained the traditional culture – of the social structure based on spiritual values ??and traditions have quite a long history in the development of civilization. That traditional societies relatively continuous and long-manners in the formation of spiritual and national life. Vietnam, a country has stepped up the path to economic modernization, is also among the society.Vietnamese Cultural Diversity Assignment

All of this phenomenon of cultural globalization (they are also the driving force) in one way or another are represented in Vietnam today, but there are differences in form and nature of the effects of them to the social life of the country. Communist Party of Vietnam to implement the control and also use them for the benefit pragmatic social and economic development of the country.



As in some other countries in Southeast Asia, in Vietnam, globalization raises the distinction culture: global culture has been received but with significant distortion. In other words, the search is going on uniformity and protection of ethnic culture seems peculiar. The important thing is to make the tendency to develop in parallel, creating unity between globalization and the differentiation of – the whole area of (glokalizacija). As the term was proposed, the British sociologist Roland Robertson confirmed that the two trends of globalization and the differentiation of after all, they complement each other and penetrate each other, although in the specific situations can lead to clashes. This is very important to understand the nature of changes in social life and culture of Vietnam, to be aware of potential future development of this country.Vietnamese Cultural Diversity Assignment

In short, can recognize the existence in Vietnam a kind of globalization of culture is quite unique – it is a process operator, is explained on the context of the modernization task water, in which the state plays a key role (Ray & Yanagihara, 2005). Globalization transformed the cultural context in which ongoing production and reproduction of ethnic culture means changing the capital to help the process was done. But the specific impact of cultural globalization to the nature and effectiveness of the national culture, to influence governments and their ideas, values ??and their content – this is now still very difficult to determine.Vietnamese Cultural Diversity Assignment

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