The Literary Imagination Essay.

The Literary Imagination Essay.


The Literary Imagination

The article by renown author Martha Nussbaum titled “The literary imagination” focuses on the literary works presented in the form of novels and how the importance of these works has evolved over the years eliciting differing views on the contribution of these works in the public sphere. Nussbaum in this article introduces a contrary view of novels as presented by Mr. Gradgrind in his several literary works as well as her own opinion on the same matter.The Literary Imagination Essay.


Article Summary

According to Nussbaum, Gradgrind views the literary works of novelsas subversive and one that deserves suppression as it represents the enemy of political economy.He terms the modern novels as uneconomical activities of fancying and feeling presented in morally controversial forms. According to Gradgrind, novels lack economic rationality which emphasizes on both the public and private thought as they dictate the readers to follow certain postures that drive them apart from others within the larger society.Contrary to these views, Nussbaum emphasizes that if the literature is that harming, then we shouldn’t have a respectable public sphere where the shaped perceptions of our upcoming generation is gaining knowledge of public policy and development studies. This is characterized in the shaping of the public imagination(Richter & Bedford, 2000).The Literary Imagination Essay.

In her views, the literary imagination extends beyond the political-economy and its influence goes beyond the literal thinking of how the literary forms may affect the different spheres of our human life. The fact that novels mislead readers is a generalization of the reality at hand in that, it poses the question of which novels and why the novels. Not all novels can be dismissed.What interests Nussbaumis the eliciting of emotions,and imagination that the literary works presents the readers with, which makes them find relevance in a public thinking.As Nussbaum discusses, literary works are not far from the historical and biographical works in terms of inviting the reader to practice imagination. By adopting the narrative style in their writing, these works also arouse the reader’s imagination similar to what the literary works do(Richter & Bedford, 2000).The Literary Imagination Essay.

Although films continue to gain preference within the modern public sphere;a fact that seem to have replaced the novel, the literary works of the novel continues to elicit emotions and imaginations in a living form which completely distinguishes them from the rest of the narrative medium. Despite Nussbaum having a different opinion from that presented by Gradgrind on the literary works, she also acknowledges that music, film, dance, historical and bibliographical works also make contributions to the public life in a related way. Byreading, we should be in a position to assess what we have read in an ethically valuable manner that integrates individual opinion and the views of other readers.The Literary Imagination Essay.

Write a summary of Martha C. Nussbaum’s “The Literary Imagination”

Amount of words: around 400 (summaries containing less than 350 and more than 450 words will be penalized).

Please note that the instructor shortened Nussbaum’s article to suit the needs of our assignment (these reductions account for some gaps in the PDF of the text—please make sure you read all the pages of the file!).

Remember that the summary conventions require that in your first sentence you include the author’s full name, the full title of the original followed by a parenthetical citation (cite the source indicated at the very beginning of Nussbaum’s text), and the subject of the argument (refer to the sample summaries for the ways to incorporate this information into your first sentence).The Literary Imagination Essay.


The author’s thesis should be stated at the beginning of the summary (in your second-third sentence). In the main body of the summary, state the author’s argument (main points that directly contribute to your reader’s understanding of the thesis). Focus on what she argues rather than on the problems that she discusses (summary is not a list of issues raised by the author but a concise restatement of her ideas about these issues).The Literary Imagination Essay.


Avoid colloquial expressions such as “she talks about how…” and phrases like “she expresses that…,” “she describes that…,” “she describes about…,” “she discusses that…,” “she discusses about…,” “she analyzes about…,” etc.: “express,” “describe”, and “discuss” require a direct object (“she expresses her opinion,” “she discusses the problem of,” “she analyzes the influence of,” etc.).The Literary Imagination Essay.


Use only the present simple tense (“she discusses the problem…”, not “she discussed”).

Do not refer to the author by her first name alone: use her last name; only in the first sentence mention her full name.


Cite the page number in parentheses after a direct quote.

For all assignments, use Times New Roman font size 12; use double space between the lines and one-inch margins on all sides.The Literary Imagination Essay.

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