The Great Gatsby Essay Sample

The Great Gatsby Essay Sample

Achenbach, J. (2015, March 20). ‘Great Gatsby’ is the Great American Novel.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is an intricate world which is perceived to exclude an exceptionally rich and individuals who are worse off by far. In his novel, Fitzgerald focuses on a section which is wealthier of this universe, those living in the West and East Egg. In his descriptions, the author gets very thorough while describing to convey the hope, sparkle and glamour of the world fully.The Great Gatsby Essay Sample

The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald: Read TIME’s Original Review. (n.d).

According to this article, there is the presence of ‘glitter’ although, with the progression of the story, the surface starts to be translucent with several clues paving the way to increasing pessimistic depths of this story. Here, we see the downfall of The American Dream and the hope that is brought about by it.


Honan, D. (2013, May 24). Is The Great Gatsby the Most Overrated Literary Novel of All Time?

The article by Honan is excellent since it shares varying points of views by different individuals. It also enlightens on why these people feel how they do concerning particular sections of the story although I find it great. Partaking dissimilar assessments helps those reading it want to have a hold of the novel to form their thoughts on the manuscript.

Cregan-Reid, V. (2017, January 27). The Great Gatsby.

For those who have not read this novel, Cregan gives us a good summary. It shows every significant detail from the manuscript making people wanting to read it. This book is known to be famous as it captures the 1920’s mood specifically the ethical nothingness of the society.

Rothman, J. (2014, July 16). The Serious Superficiality of The Great Gatsby.

This article shows an American society that is obsessed with status and wealth. Also, the audience gets to understand when and the setting of this novel and how everything was overpowered by wealth. Nonetheless, hardly a success on its being released, The Great Gatsby is currently well-thought-out as an American classic.The Great Gatsby Essay Sample

Willet, Erika. “Biographies: F. Scott Fitzgerald and the American Dream.” PBS. Web. 28 Oct. 2011.

From the novel, we find out about the constant fixation caused by a green light that is seen across the water from Gatsby’s home. In the article, there is also some background info on Scott Fitzgerald and how his novel initially failed although got its fame later. For our time, “The Great Gatsby” is clothed in straw hats and the snazzy white flannels of 1920 although with a message that is cautionary.The Great Gatsby Essay Sample

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