The Evaluation Conference – Case Study Paper.

The Evaluation Conference – Case Study Paper.

Harry Chan is the uncontested chief at the bank. He is neat, well groomed, conservative, pleasant and articulate, and he wants his staff to fit into the same mould. He isn’t always successful, however, even though he uses every opportunity to try to get the message across.

In his annual evaluation conference with Bob Regan, for example, he brings up the subject of how a bank employee should look and act. The conversation goes as follows:The Evaluation Conference – Case Study Paper.

Chan:             ‘Come in, Bob, and let’s get this shown on the road’

Regan:           ‘ Sorry I’m late, Mr. Chan, but a customer wanted to change an


Chan:            ‘I’m glad you brought up changes, because I’d like to see you

change somewhat. Your looks don’t say “you can trust me” to a customer.’

Regan:            I’m afraid I don’t understand Sir’.

Chan:             ‘Well, take that stubbly beard you wear. Our customers don’t

like to deal with employees who wear beards.’

Regan:           ‘I’ve never had a complaint and ….’

Chan:             ‘And another thing, your general demeanour is far too glib. You

ought to be more subdued in the way you approach people. This isn’t a fairground, you know.’

Regan:           ‘Mr. Chan, I’ve been working in banks for seven years and I’ve

never had a customer refuse to see me. On the contrary, I have a good many who wait for me. In fact, as far as I can tell, my beard and manner have never interfered with services to our customers. I really can’t agree…..’


Chan:             ‘This review session is for you to find out what I think, not for me

to find out what you think. I think you present the wrong image and I want you to change it.’

Regan:           ‘What about my job performance, Mr. Chan? Is my work


Chan:             ‘No real complaint in that department, Regan. You ought to

know your job by now. Oh, there is one thing. I noticed that you took a loan application last week that was totally outside the criteria we use. You’ve placed the bank and the customer in an embarrassing situation. You’d better watch that’.

Regan:          ‘Mr Chan, I remember the case you are referring to. As a matter

of fact, I knew it was marginal, but with the emphasis on equal treatment I thought we ought to look at it. In fact, when you consider that the husband’s father co-signed the note, it meets our criteria.’

Chan:             ‘Hmm. Yes, well, that about wraps up the evaluation for this

year. Send Rhonda in, will you? She’s next.’


1     Summarise the key facts of the case.

2     Carefully respond to the questions posed, ensuring that you reflect on the relevant concepts of ‘manage people performance’ in your answers.

3     Further elaborate on questions below by describing how you would have handled this situation with particular reference to the relevant elements of performance management review, i.e.:

Choice and use of performance management process

Methods of feedback

Responding to performance issues

Use of support, counselling, and/or training

Use of discipline and/or termination

Methods of documenting, reporting and follow-up. The Evaluation Conference – Case Study Paper.

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