The Effects of Texting on Driving Essay Paper.

The Effects of Texting on Driving Essay Paper.

Please follow the instructions that are attached as well as look at the mistakes that was made on the last page, so the error will not duplicate on this Experiment paperwork. I have included 3 journal articles for you to go by as per instructions from the Instructor. Please make sure that citations are noted correctly. The Effects of Texting on Driving Essay Paper.If you need more instructions please let me know. Please look at corrections paperwork. The Effects of Texting on Driving Essay Paper.Do not include Title Page

Write a paper from five to seven pages in length dealing with the effects of texting on driving. You should synthesize the findings of at least three psychology journal articles.  One source of these articles is ProQuest Psychology journals data base found on the library database area.  The required page length does not include the cover or reference pages.

Please refer to Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association 6th edition: This book explains how to write papers as well as journal articles experiment examples. Starting at page 23.The Effects of Texting on Driving Essay Paper.

Still include the following:

  • Purpose
  • Hypothesis
  • Method summary -should let the reader understand what was done.
  • Results-should confirm any statistical analysis
  • Discussion- should tell these results prior to studies


  • Grammar
  • APA -Style
  • Also please pay attention to titles within the paper that may need to be added as well.The Effects of Texting on Driving Essay Paper.

All over the world, people are starting a life-threatening trend of recording themselves going live, texting, checking social media, and taking selfies while driving. In the states of Montana and Arizona cell phone use while driving is still not considered dangerous. So many think of texting and driving as a profoundly severe distraction. I just want to shine a spotlight on a small portion of a larger issue of distracted driving. According to “Gov. Bob McDonnell he says he ‘ll support the changes, but suggest that fines for distracted driving be compared to those for drunken and reckless driving” (Tsukayama, 2013). Texting while driving is becoming considerably more of a hazard than a DUI amongst young and adult drivers. The primary group of readers I intend to target are teenagers and young adults in the age range of 16 to 34. According to a study performed by AT&T, 43% of teens have confessed to texting while driving. As for adults 41% text and drive daily because it made them feel more productive and connected (Beck, Zuckman, Thomas, 2012). The Effects of Texting on Driving Essay Paper.

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