The Asian Traditional Medicine Essay

The Asian Traditional Medicine Essay

It would be appropriate for a health care provider in western medicine to embrace the existence of different cultural views on medicine. The western methods of disease diagnosis and treatment provide immediate support and care to patients.The Asian Traditional Medicine Essay

As well, the Asian traditional medicine has a significant role in health care today (University of California Television, 2008). It is agreeable that a health care provider in Western medicine will embrace the use of Asian traditional medicine. This discussion explains how a health care provider in western medicine would view the Asian traditional medicine.

Western and Asian Traditional Medicine

Nurses and physicians can use both Asian traditional and western medicines to treat patients. Both “medicines” can help improve the quality of health care (Whyyphila, 2010). Western medicine has its unique codes of conduct, drugs, methods, and language. Scientific research explains why human populations should embrace a medical approach that transcends all social and cultural boundaries.The Asian Traditional Medicine Essay

That being the case, a health care provider in western medicine should also embrace the use of Asian traditional medicine. The best thing is to embrace the existing cultural differences between the two to offer quality care to patients (Whyyphila, 2010).


According to the University of California Television (UCTV), “most of the traditional Chinese medical practices such as meridians, chi, and acupuncture can promote a person’s health (University of California Television, 2008)”. With proper medical practice, individuals from different backgrounds can benefit from both medicines. This explains why a health care provider in Western medicine needs to embrace traditional medical practices.

It is also necessary to examine a patient’s situation and anticipated health outcomes. Patients choose either western or Asian traditional medicines, depending on their health situation. Western medicine is preferable when hoping to alleviate symptoms quickly. As well, Asian traditional medicine is favorable when the patient understands the cause of a disease or condition (Whyyphila, 2010).The Asian Traditional Medicine Essay

Nurses and health caregivers in Western medicine can use cultural differences in human body language to improve the quality of care. Health care providers in western medicine should embrace the ideas of Asian traditional medicine because they present new insights that can promote the quality of health care. Today, many people in the United States understand the importance of integrative and alternative practices.

The practices help improve or maintain their health conditions. This explains why caregivers and physicians in western medicine should embrace the use of traditional Asian medicines. The two medicines have also coexisted for centuries (Whyyphila, 2010). They two medical approaches can work miracles to promote the wellbeing of patients and citizens.

When the traditional Asian and western “medicines” coexist, consumers will use different drugs to treat various diseases and eventually improve their health condition. Traditional medicines are effective because they favor a holistic approach whereby patients and individuals can restore their health (Whyyphila, 2010).

Traditional medicine can sustain better health, while Western medicine tackles illnesses and conditions immediately through scientific inquiry.The Asian Traditional Medicine Essay


The above discussion explains why a health care provider in western medicine will embrace the use of Asian traditional medicine. The two medicines have significant roles in better health care. Health care providers in western medicine should, therefore, consider the Asian traditional medicine as essential because it has worked effectively for centuries.

The important thing is to understand the situation experienced by a patient and determine the best medicine that can alleviate a disease or restore his/her health. Although some health care providers might challenge such traditional medicines, an informed caregiver will embrace the use of traditional Asian medicines because it helps improve the quality of care provided to patients.

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