The 1770 Boston Massacre.

The 1770 Boston Massacre.


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The historical events are significant both as milestone indicator of the progress that the country has made and as well, what has shaped the modern America, notably in areas of political social and economic aspects. As such, the most notable events before the 1877 was the ones that led to the American revolution in the quest for its independence. One such event was the 1770 Boston massacre that emanated from the agitation for the independence and the growing resistance from the colonists against the British colonies(Brown, 2004). This event will be remembered as one of the key events that took the center stage in the America’s struggle for the independence. This essay will focus on the 1770 Boston massacre, what led to it and its aftermath effects that makes it one of the notable historical events in the American history.The 1770 Boston Massacre.

The 1770 BostonMassacre Historical Analysis

Towards the middle of the 18th century, the British colonialists had started to experience shortage of funding that would cater for the colony operations especially within America (Roberts, 2004). As such, the colonialists devised measures that would ensure that they acquire revenues that would sustain the colony operations. One way to achieve this was to widen the tax collection through the introduction of new tax measures. Through the British parliament, there saw establishment of 2 Acts that targeted the British American colonies; The Stamp Act of 1765 and The Townshend Acts of 1767 (Cantwell, 2015, Oct 29). Both of these acts were responsible for the new tax measures on paper documents and goods imported to the American colonies respectively.The 1770 Boston Massacre.

With the pressure mounting for the British government that was running in debt, the colonial authorities sent a significant number of the British troops to America to impose the tax(Roberts, 2004). These new laws were unpopular with the already angry American colonists and were unwelcome(Brown, 2004). As such, there was an increase in conflict between the British soldiers and the colonists who opposed the new tax measures that were imposed on them. Their biggest protest was lack of representation in the process of developing and imposition of the tax laws and saw this as a way of the continued oppression against the Americans(Magra, 2013).The 1770 Boston Massacre.

By 1770, the resistance was now growing big and by February that same year, a protest had taken shape, especially against private soldiers that guarded various business entities around Boston. In march, 1770, a fight broke out outside one of the custom offices and led to shooting of six colonists and seriously wounding others(Brown, 2004). As the act was conducted by British soldiers, it emerged that they used excessive force against civilians, and this led to more protests and quests for justice and independence. Later on, the spirit of struggle bared fruits as the first American congress dubbed “Boston tea party” happened through the quest for American representation to the colony decisions, need for independence and as well, push for fair taxation (Elaine, 2002).The 1770 Boston Massacre.

The Boston massacre remains a turning point in the American quest for independence as it exposed the hatred among the colonialist and the American colonists through a taxation plan that seemed unfair to one side and as well, lack of representation during the taxation decision-making processes(Brown, 2004). Although the colonialist seemed to cooperate in the quest for justice for those who committed the massacre, the long wait and acquittal for the British soldiers that were involved portrayed a picture of carelessness and non-interest on the side of British colonialists. This further deteriorated the relationship between the colony and the colonialists, igniting the agitation for the independence (Magra, 2013).The 1770 Boston Massacre.

The American independence emanated from major events and the most significant element across all the events was the people’s agitation for independence. The bloodshed was inevitable considering that the British colony was a bit harsh on its application for laws and the use of military force was not welcome either and this did more damage than cure when it came to the relationship of the authorities and the colonists. The 1770 Boston massacre was one clear evidence that things were not going to soften and the quest for justice did not favor the victims of the massacre either (Brown, 2004). Although the modern America is independent, the struggle for equality and social justice internally as a country is still evident. Police brutality and unpopular laws are some of the key areas that has experienced key challenges right from the country’s independence period to today’s modern world. The struggle for equality and social justice is not bound to end soon and its roots can be traced back to the colonialist’s era.The 1770 Boston Massacre.


The 1770 Boston massacre will remain as Americas turning point for the quest of the independence. It also serves as evident of the deteriorating relationship between the colonizers and the colonists. Poor taxation measures and militarization of the tax compliance was an ill-advised idea by British colonialists to exercise their authority power over poor citizens. Nevertheless, the 1770 Boston massacre will remain as one of the notable events that escalated leading to the American struggle for independence and abolishment of taxation laws tat were unfair to the intended taxation bracket.The 1770 Boston Massacre.



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