Socio – Emotional Development and Addictive Substances Essay.

Socio – Emotional Development and Addictive Substances Essay.

Socio-emotional development refers to the expressions, experiences and management of
childhood emotions with the ability to establish rewarding and positive relations with peers
(Santrock, 2014). The most significant features of socio-emotional development are: the
capability of identifying and understanding individual feelings, to understand the emotional
states of others, to manage and express strong emotions constructively, ability to regulate
personal behavior, developing empathy for others, making and maintaining relationships
(Santrock, 2014).


Socio – Emotional Development and Addictive Substances Essay.
Socio-emotional development is a complex process which starts during infancy and
progresses to adulthood. It highly determines the feelings experienced by a child in daily life
which impacts their behaviour, choices and how well they enjoy and cope with life. (Santrock,
2014). Circumstances and events that happen during early childhood have a great influence on
the life events, circumstances and future decisions of people’s lives in the future. Similarly,
socio-emotional development is key to identifying personal feelings, understanding why and how
they occur and designing practical ways to effectively manage them(Santrock, 2014). Therefore,
the part of socio-emotional development that might impact the use of addictive substances later
in life is regulation/management. Socio – Emotional Development and Addictive Substances Essay.
Socio-emotional regulation is the ability to effectively manage emotions. In childhood
development, in case a child is able to apply simple ways in managing her social circle of friends
and to manage emotions with support from adults, then he/she develops the ability to
appropriately choose a response and manage emotions (Santrock, 2014). On the other hand,
lack of guidance either from parents or mentors in early childhood when faced with a similar
situation will contribute to poor socio-emotional regulation/ management skills in adulthood.

More often, most individuals always turn to the use of addictive substances to manage their
social or emotional issues later in life.


Santrock, J. W. (2014). Child development: An introduction. (14 Ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill
Higher Education. ISBN-13: 9780078035333. Socio – Emotional Development and Addictive Substances Essay.

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