Skill Development Plan Assignment Paper.

Skill Development Plan Assignment Paper.

Target Skill #1: Technology



● I can use   all apps in Microsoft Office.

● I can easily   download and install software when needed on my computer and phone.

● I not only   like, but am confident in, using new applications. I like experimenting and   trying new technology. Skill Development Plan Assignment Paper.


Areas of Improvement: 

● I’d like to   increase my confidence in website design and maintenance, and even basic   coding.

● Sometimes I   get easily frustrated when technology doesn’t work the way I expect it to.


Desired Outcome: 

● Increase confidence in website design and maintenance, and even   basic coding.

● Reduce   frustration at technology in order to better troubleshoot issues.


Goal Statement: 

● By the time I graduate from Strayer, I want to be able to create   and maintain my own website as another way of promoting myself (in addition   to my résumé or LinkedIn).

● I also want   to be able to do side work in website design to make extra money when needed.



Practices for   Growth: 

● I can try a free website builder like Squarespace to help me   practice designing websites.

● I already have a lot of obligations with being in school and   working a part-time job, so I think taking 30 minutes a week to learn the   basics through LinkedIn Learning and other free tools is a good way to work   on this.

● I also think   that teaching a skill will help me learn it even better, so I’m going to   offer to help my friends learn different   tools. They already ask me for help sometimes, so I might even start an   informal group each month.


Action Steps: 

● September 2020: Sign up for the Odin Project and LinkedIn   Learning.

● Fall-Winter: Work on free tutorials through those sites on the   weekend (4 hrs).

● January 2020: Sign up for Squarespace.

● Throughout 2020: Start an informal tech group to work on website   building and get help from others (meet once a month). Skill Development Plan Assignment Paper.

● May 2020:   Have a basic website set up on Squarespace.

Potential Obstacles and Challenges: 

● Prioritizing and setting aside time to develop skills.

● Finding committed and interested classmates who would motivate me   to keep at it.

● Balancing my desire to work on website design and coding with my   class load and part-time job.


Key Supporters:

● Arthur, a friend who is skilled in website design and can provide   support.

● Mr. Murray, previous IT professor who helped a lot with tech   projects and hosts mini-maker faires at his lab each month.

● Rita, a career counselor who helped advise me on coursework to   support my career goals.

Supporting University Resources:

● Career Services offers access to LinkedIn Learning. There I can   put in the skills I want to gain (web design and coding), and it   automatically populates a list of free and short courses to help me develop   my skills.


Benefits   From Change and Connections to Personal, Academic, and Career Goals: 

I mentioned in Assignment 2 that as a personal goal   I’d like to increase my Spanish skills. Being more knowledgeable about where   to find free classes via technology—like LinkedIn Learning—will give me more   resources to help with this goal. Professionally, I wanted to find a job that   is flexible with studying. If I could get a side job helping with website   maintenance, that’d be a great way to make money and work when I want to. It   can also help me reach my academic goal of studying for two hours a day and   leaving the rest for personal time. I won’t need to get in the car and   commute to my work but, instead, can choose when and how long I work on side   website projects. Skill Development Plan Assignment Paper.

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