Setting Climate for Effective Teaching and Learning.

Setting Climate for Effective Teaching and Learning.


Assignment Instructions below:-



Sisco (1991) explained the importance of creating a climate in which each participant feels comfortable. Returning to school can be a frightening experience for many adult learners. Successful instructors should be aware of the many anxieties that adults bring to the classroom.Setting Climate for Effective Teaching and Learning.


Questions to be answered in the discussion paper:-

1) How would you plan for first-day class and create a safe, comfortable learning environment?

a) Reference to use – Knowles, 1980, p. 67 – looking at these conditions 1) respect for personality 2) participation in decision making 3) freedom of expression and availability of information 4) mutuality of responsibility in defining goals, planning and conducting activities, and evaluating.Setting Climate for Effective Teaching and Learning.

b) Reference to use – Knox, 1986, pp. 132-134 – look at focusing on the task to build supportive and active learning environment, during the first session.

c) Reference to use – Brookfield, 1990- The building of trust is essential to meaningful learning.

Some focus points:-

–          They are diverse due to life experiences

–          The need to direct their learning

–          Focus on the teaching and learning process

–          Building supportive and active learning environments

2) What components need to be considered when trying to establish the right learning environment?


3)Provide examples of how you could or have created a positive learning environment. Consider both the physical environment and the social/emotional environment.Setting Climate for Effective Teaching and Learning.


Note: There are three (3) questions that must be answered in the discussion paper by Burton R. Sisco. Also, include references in this article.

Setting Climate for Effective Teaching and Learning
Adult learners have been on the extreme receiving end when it comes to coping with the learning environment in which they have not familiarized with for quite long. In such a situation, it is vital for the instructors to create a climate in which each participant feels comfortable (Sisco, 1991). The first few days in class can be a traumatizing experience and thus these learners require specialized attention and well thought approach so that there can be established a conducive environment in which they can thrive in. This will create a strong instructor-student relationship that will drive away the anxiety and bring in confidence as well as building of trust that are necessary for the learning to proceed accordingly.Setting Climate for Effective Teaching and Learning.
Question 1; Planningforthe First-Day Class and Creation ofa Safe, Comfortable Learning Environment
Adult learners are delicate and they require special handling, especially on the learning and teaching environment they are exposed to. Their first day in school and especially the classroom experience matter a lot as it builds the attitude and shapes the confidence of the learner and this determines how the learner will cope with the teaching experience (Lawter, Rua& Guo, 2014). As such, the instructors are bestowed with creating a safe and comfortable learning environment in order for the student to feel valued and appreciated which eventually establishestrust(Knowles, 1980). Adult learners should first be understood that they are diverse due to the life experiences that each has gone through and therefore, they require individualized attention and understanding of the life backgrounds they come from. This informs the instructor on the ways to direct their learning and as well, pinpointing on the best methodologies that fit the teaching and learning process that builds on supportive and active learning environments. The students should be given the freedom of expression, which entrusts the students and incorporates them in the decision-making process that is vital in the learning process (Knowles, 1980). The instructors should make it easy to supervise their students and make it safe for the student to participate in discussions as well as asking questions.Setting Climate for Effective Teaching and Learning.
Question 2; TheComponents That Need to Be Considered When Trying to Establish the Right Learning Environment
A right learning environment must be inclusive of certain vital components in order to achieve a standard of safety and comfortability that is essential in the overall learning process. The instructors must understand that students are diverse and therefore their diversity should not be a challenge to the teaching process. To achieve this, there are vital components that need to be considered when trying to establish the right learning environment. To begin with, the teaching and learning environment must be safe(Killen, 2007). A clean and orderly classroom is vital. Secondly, the students must feel valued through equal participation in the classroom activities. Personality respect, recognition of diversity in views, provision of adequate feedback and as well celebrating success are also important components in the whole learning and teaching process that builds on the student and instructor capacity in establishing the right learning environment. Setting Climate for Effective Teaching and Learning.
Question 3; Creating A Positive Learning Environment
Both the physical environment and the social/emotional environment are essential in the overall creation of a positive learning environment. The interactive approaches in the classroom setting, as well as the environment that exists in class and beyond, define much of the learning process and success for the instructors, as well as students. Instructors must be aware that both the physical environment and the social/emotional environment are essential and thus they should strive to balance on both in order to emerge successful in their teaching endeavors. On the social and emotional environment, the instructors should establish a safe and comfortable learningenvironment, which is guided by mutual respect between the students themselves, as well as the instructor and the students(Lawter, Rua & Guo, 2014).
Participation in classroom activities, rewarding success, providing feedback and guided supervision are essential to the social/emotional environment of the learning process. On the other hand, teaching goes beyond the classroom environment. The physical environment is thus important right from the class, the school, as well as the home environment that learners are exposed to (Killen, 2007). The physical environment must allow proper student interactionand as well building on good relationship with the surrounding communities. A safe classroom that is comfortable for the students is essential coupled with a school environment that is conducive for the teaching and learning process. The instructors should therefore collaborate with other instructors and as well, the school administrators on ensuring that the existing physical environment is fit for the whole learning process.Setting Climate for Effective Teaching and Learning.

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