Roles and Behaviors of Teams Discussion Paper.

Roles and Behaviors of Teams Discussion Paper.

The purpose of this paper is to make a recommendation for a new performance evaluation system.  The type of team will be discussed along with recommendations of key determinants on how to make the team successful while achieving the goal of boosting employee morale.  Also, benefits to the manager and organization will be outlined as is recommended how the team(s) can be utilized within the organization.Roles and Behaviors of Teams Discussion Paper.

It is recommended to structure a multifunctional temporary team compromised of the current staff within the different departments of the organization to investigate a specific issue or problem.  The team should be created by an HR manager and the focus is to fix the current issue at hand, an outdated system that brings down employee morale.  The project will be driven by internal coordination only as the cycle of communication is between peers of the organization and no outsiders’ cooperation/input is needed.  The purpose for this is to get honest, first hand feedback from the people directly impacted by these circumstances.  The expectation for the project is to benefit the employee, the manager and the organization all at the same time.


7 Habits Model that can be used to enhance the team’s success:

Proactive Always thinking about opportunity for advancement, how to grow and become better.  Become active instead of reactive to your environment and circumstances.
Begin with the End in Mind The organization should seek to develop, maximize and retain talented people.  The new system should help bridge the gap between the organization and its employees.
Put First Things First Prioritize while keeping in mind what the goal of the project is without desensitizing the value of the employees.  The company should not sacrifice the value of its employees as they are the foundation of its success.  The priority would be to study the needs of the company in order to fairly and properly evaluate its employees. Roles and Behaviors of Teams Discussion Paper.
Think Win-Win A happy and motivated employee is more likely to perform well and become an asset to the organization.  Boost employee morale while reducing employee turn around, win-win for both the employees and the organization.
Seek to Understand, Then to be Understood The updated system will properly and fairly evaluate employees which will incentivize employees to do better and be recognized by their hard-working performance.
Synergy Everybody in the team working together in order to get the project off the ground and completed.
Sharpen the saw Explode in-house talent, incentivize performance and allow a positive environment that inspires people to give 100% of their effort at work.

Characteristics needed to have a successful group:

Shared Objectives All members working towards a common goal.
Role Clarity Well defined expectations of their responsibilities and company expectations.
Internal Coordination Clear communication amongst peers and between departments.
External Coordination Non-applicable to this case since the scope of the project is internal employee members and their evaluation system.
Trust, Cohesiveness & Cooperation These are key factors that will create a positive environment and harvest a better working relationship between the employees and their employer.
Accurate Shared Mental Models The common goals of updating their performance evaluation system while boosting employee morale.
Collective Learning The process will create a learning curve and a process of adaptation for all members of the company.
Member Diversity This project will help identify strengths and weaknesses of their staff and the company as a whole, but it will also provide a great opportunity to unify the group by working as a team and embracing their differences.

Performance reviews benefit the organization, manager and its employees as it serves as an opportunity for giving and receiving feedback about, goals, achievements, growth plans while providing reward and recognition program.  A successful team will need to have a sense of acceptance, unity, and belonging.  Each member will need to feel worthy and competent within their role.  The benefits to the team members consist of being fairly evaluated, and harvest a path that will set up the employees on a path of success–not failure.  The benefits to the organization will be to find common grounds that will identify, elevate and retain the staff reducing employee turnaround.  A benefit to the manager is to create a welcoming environment that will inspire and motivate others to perform better and within harmony, ultimately boosting the morale, output, values and ethics of the company.  An organization should thrive to develop and retain talent; therefore this outdated performance evaluation system is directly and negatively impacting the core of the company—it’s people.

In conclusion, team and company roles and behavior have been examined and discussed.  Recommendations for team structure and company objectives have been presented.  Benefits and analytics have been discussed in order to execute implementation of the evaluation system while considering current employee morale.


Evaluate the roles and behaviors of teams in organizational settings.

Scenario Information

As a leader, you have been tasked with building a team whose purpose is to recommend a new performance evaluation system. The current system is outdated and greatly reduces employee morale each year.


As the leader of this problem-solving team, you are tasked with assessing types of teams, benefits, and determinants of successful teams. The company has asked you for a two-page report outlining issues and recommendations for team interventions.Roles and Behaviors of Teams Discussion Paper.

In your report, you will want to:

  • Compare the types of teams and how they are utilized within an organization.
  • Discuss habits that can be used to enhance team success.
  • Summarize the advantages of teams and benefits of teams in relation to the organization, manager, and employees.
  • Provide your recommendations of key determinants that contribute to successful teams and how they can be implemented in an organization.


Thompson. (n.d.). Performance and Activity. In L. L. Thompson (Author), Making the Team – A Guide for Managers (pp. 112-132). Retrieved from!/4/2@100:0.00

Roles and Behaviors of Teams Discussion Paper.

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