Registered Nurse’s Online Job Search Essay

Registered Nurse’s Online Job Search Essay

The Best Job Openings: Description

A registered nurse (RN) has a plethora of opportunities to explore as far as employment options are concerned. With a recent increase in understaffing and the resulting lack of competent nurses, a range of organizations is looking for qualified experts. Information about job vacancies is posted at a range of sites, yet (“Nursing jobs,” 2017), (“Registered nurse jobs,” 2017), and (“Registered nurse,” 2017) seem to be the most reasonable choices. offers a rather efficient way of customizing the search process, including the opportunities for identifying vacancies in specific locations, within a certain salary range, etc., in turn, offers a set of simpler options than; particularly, locating the vacancies with a specific salary is impossible, yet a posting date and a job type (e.g., full-time, part-time, and contract-based ones, internships, temporary job options, and other opportunities) can be set. also provides similar opportunities along with uploading a resume and receiving job-related alerts via e-mail. seems to have more advantages than the remaining two sites since it allows for greater flexibility when customizing the search process.Registered Nurse’s Online Job Search Essay


Keywords Used in the Process of Searching

During the search process, several keywords were used to locate job openings related to the required position. Using the combination “nurse jobs” was the first step toward identifying the available opportunities. The specified approach allowed locating vacancies at,, and However, the search results turned out to be too broad, including the positions of a nurse consultant, an ICU nurse, etc. Therefore, the search process had to be narrowed down to a smaller number of options. For this purpose, the word “registered” was added to the initial search. As a result, the available opportunities were filtered successfully.Registered Nurse’s Online Job Search Essay

Previous Experiences of Searching for a Job Online

I must admit that I have the experience of searching for a job using online tools. One of my friends was going to work part-time because of financial problems, and I assisted her in locating the available job opportunities. We browsed through several sites where companies listed their job openings. I must say, though, that we used a different strategy then. Instead of visiting job search sites, we visited company websites and looked for the existing opportunities.

In retrospect, it seems that job search sites are more efficient since they help embrace a wider range of opportunities. Furthermore, there may be certain options for which an applicant may be completely unaware of a number of reasons. For instance, there may be an organization that is unknown to a general audience yet has splendid career opportunities. Therefore, job search sites seem to be the most appropriate tool to use when searching for a job.

It should be noted, though, that job search sites are only useful once a candidate does not have any specific organization in mind. In case one has already targeted a particular firm, visiting its official site and sending a resume seems like the best idea. The choice of the means of contacting potential employees hinges on a range of factors. However, when applying directly to a company’s website, one must do proper research and learn as much as possible about the organization. Thus, one will have more chances at appealing to an employer and, therefore, getting the job.Registered Nurse’s Online Job Search Essay


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Registered nurse jobs. (2017). Web. Registered Nurse’s Online Job Search Essay

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