Reflective Essay on Developing Care Skills

Reflective Essay on Developing Care Skills

One of the values that I had learnt is caring. Caring meant concern about others. Caring for others starts from taking initiative to approach people with sincerity, care for them, to know them and care for their feelings. If everybody in this world does not care about each other, they will become selfish and do not have friends. Therefore, we must care for each other, so that everyone in every corner of the world is able to feel the warmth. Reflective Essay on Developing Care Skills

As a future nurse, I must be more caring for my patients. I should not only be concerned about the diseases on the patients, but also concerned about psychological reactions of the patients. I believe that one warm word, a gentle attitude, a friendly expression can encourage patients to speak out the truth and this may facilitate the nurses to find out patients’ psychological problems. By this, I believe that I can understand my patients very well.

During my Primary 3, I always asked my classmates why they did not want to make friend with me and they told me I was very selfish and arrogant. I knew that they always bad- mouthed about me. I knew the reason, but I did not bother it. I was so stubborn and did not want to change it. For me, I thought that it was not my fault. I blamed them for ignoring my feeling. In childhood, I was this kind of person, a very rebellious person. Time to time, I realized that I was quite lonely. At this time, I was very upset. Consequently, I told my dad about my problem. My dad was listening to my complaint patiently and he even did not scold me. He just smiled and told me I must change my attitude towards people around me. He wanted me to imagine the feeling if I have a friend with a bad attitude like me. He also told me that people will treat us for what we had done for them. He wanted me to be more caring about others’ feelings. I agreed to what he said. From that time, I just realized that how bad I was. I did not want to continue to be like that anymore. I want to change! I want to be a caring person. I must care about people’s feelings. My dad and my classmates had changed me. After changing the attitude, I gained back my friends. The happiness was beyond description. Till today, I am still very grateful to them. Without them, I think I was still behaving like what I had done before. Reflective Essay on Developing Care Skills

Value 2 : Responsible

Another value that I had learnt is responsible. Responsible meant to complete the duty with a high spirit. Someone who is responsible will not make any excuses. In any case, we will always be faced with several factors beyond our control and irresponsible people tend to blame on these factors, take them as an excuse. To be a responsible people, we should make sure that we do not go the same way.

As a future nurse, I must be responsible to my patient. By this, I must fully grasp my patient’s condition, care and treatment. Be a responsible nurse, I must closely observe patient’s symptoms and signs and identify changes in the disease as well as provide an effective intervention for medical diagnosis. I must not only alleviate the suffering of the patient, but also obtain the patient’s trust, give the patient a sense of security. Reflective Essay on Developing Care Skills


It was happening during my secondary school time. It was still fresh in my memory. He is the one whom I admired the most. He is just a cleaner, but his spirit cannot get out of my mind. I truly admired his hardworking from my bottom heart. He had given me a deep impression until today I still cannot forget him. The first time I saw him was on the way going home from school. I still remembered it was raining cat and dog that day. People on the street all dressed in a raincoat and hurried home under the umbrella. At this time, I saw a huge rubbish heap next to my house. There was a man standing there. “Who is in there? It was raining heavily. It should not be a cleaner at there, right? ” I mumble. With questions, I walked past. I cannot believe that I saw an uncle with a dusty face, wearing a tattered raincoat. He was very carefully cleaning up the rubbish. I was surprised by his action. I had never seen a cleaner still working in the heavy rain before. “Uncle, why are you still working in the heavy rain? You can do it tomorrow. Why are you working so hard?” I asked him. “No, I am just unhappy if I do not clean it by today. Then, there will be more bacteria growing and it was smelly as well as affecting our health.” he answered. This time, I was stunned. He was very responsible in his job. Since then, I have never seen him, but his spirit had inspired me to be a responsible person.Reflective Essay on Developing Care Skills

Part C

During my life journey, I had learnt the value of caring. I learnt I should care about my health. Health is the valuable asset. For having a healthy lifestyle, I must care about my eating habits. First of all, I must eat at least two servings of vegetables and one serving of fruits every day. Eating more vegetables and fruits can gain vitamins, strengthen the immune system and even reduce the chance of illness. On the other hand, breakfast is the most important meal, if we do not eat breakfast, we will lack of energy for the day and over time it will be harmful to the body. Moreover, a snack is a big killer. Snack contains much of salts, sugar and chemical components which may cause a lot of problems to our body. I also must exercise at least twice a week in order to achieve the effect of exercise. Reflective Essay on Developing Care Skills

I also had learnt the value of responsible. Be a responsible person, I do not smoke. Smoking is harmful to our health and it may even causes lung cancer and other diseases. Not only that, I also must have a good mind state to evaluate myself properly and deal with the pressures of my life. I must be an optimistic, cheerful and open-minded attitude to life. On the other hand, I must also set a target to establish good relationships with people around me and also actively participate in social activities. This will help me to maintain my mental balance. Furthermore, I also practice meditation every day. Meditation can promote blood circulation and even relieve the stress. It is a good way to make myself to calm down. Reflective Essay on Developing Care Skills

Part D

During my clinical attachment in Tan Tock Seng Hospital, I met a patient named Mr. Khoo. He is a Chinese and his dialect is Cantonese. He now aged 60. I am also a Cantonese. So, sometimes I spoke Cantonese with him. He was admitted to the hospital because of foot ulcers which was caused by diabetes mellitus. Before he was admitted to the hospital, he stayed in Ren Ci Community Hospital. His left leg was amputated. During our conversation throughout one week time, he had told me his life experience. He had suffered from diabetes for 5 years. He had eaten a lot of hypoglycemic drugs. He told me that he did not take care of his health condition since young. He liked to drink Coke. He basically did not do any exercises. Due to long-term work at the grassroots level and slept late, so he accustomed not to get up early in the morning. Due to sitting in the office for a whole day or business meetings, he basically did not participate in any sports. He also told me he liked to eat meat. During the past, he had always eaten lamb stew as his supper before going to sleep and he usually did not take his breakfast the next morning. Due to the long-term excessive meat, plus he did not like to eat vegetables, fruits, beans and his daily staple food are meat, so his weight in the past 10 years has severely excessive. He suffered from diabetes because of the previous living conditions. From his life experience, I noticed that healthy lifestyle plays a vital role in our life. Reflective Essay on Developing Care Skills

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