Psychological Assessment Of Ms. S Project Papers.

Psychological Assessment Of Ms. S Project Papers.

The testing of Mr. 1, previously diagnosed with Schizophrenia cases, was done due to recording a psychotic thinking and assaultive behaviors. Psychological assessment focus on the cognitive ability, emotional welfare, thoughts of a person, their behavior patterns, interpersonal relationships, and their interest to gain an in-depth understanding of the behaviors of Mr. 1. According to Mr. 1 report, a psychological assessment was done in each area separately using different assessment tools and techniques like the MMPI-2-RF. After careful examination of the result which was computer-based, the results indicated several psychological disorders that needed addressing. The result shows a specific area where Mr.1 is suffering starting from cognitive dysfunction, emotional dysfunction, thought dysfunction, behavioral dysfunctions, interpersonal issues and interest that seek to exploit danger. Psychological Assessment Of Ms. S Project Papers.


Finally, the report gives different diagnostic and treatment recommendations that Mr.1 should be assigned to help him. Both the treatment and guidance is directly related to the findings of the assessment. The report clearly shows the evidence where each level of information of the report. It is a very detailed and educative report that shows how a psychologist should address their assessment considering the ethical and professional standards.
Ms. S Personality and Ability Test
The purpose of the psychological assessment of Ms. S was to investigate if there were severe psychological issues due to her low levels of attention. Many factors including emotional and environmental might cause attention disorder. There are also a lot of things that can express different symptoms of a specified disorder. Therefore, before even conducting the assessment it was essential to see how well Ms. S would respond to the time they were assigned to arrive and the way she would groom herself. If a person is attentive on the way they dress and keep time, then an assessment can focus on other areas that indicate the attention deficit reported. Psychological Assessment Of Ms. S Project Papers.
There are different elements that assessment can test to obtain result relating to attention. The areas that psychological evaluations take relating to focus are the ability to process information but the cognitive skills, achievements, personality, and mood. The primary assessments goal is to measure how well a person can understand the tasks assigned to them and based on the result, and it will be easy to understand why a person has a specified disorder. The seriousness of a problem will determine whether a person should get a diagnosis or treatment and the treatments they should get to overcome the disorder.
According to the tests, it shows that there are specific areas that Ms. S scored less than the expected scores. Ms. S showed positive results in many areas by scoring more than average except in the ability to solve mathematical problems and high levels of anxiety. Different tests showed that the reason for scoring less than average was because of anxiety explaining why she scored more on additional time. Anxiety interferes with a person’s ability to perform daily tasks. They make a person fears mostly relating to living experience which might result to stress and depression. That is why Ms. S came well-groomed and was conscious of time. Additionally, that is why she blames others for fear of being judged or offending someone. Therefore, she will need a treatment that will help her overcome her fear, more time for performing tasks, and less destruction of reminding her of the world to be able to work adequately. She will also need to ensure that every activity she does will trigger fear, regret, or anxiety. Psychological Assessment Of Ms. S Project Papers.
When it comes to mathematical problems, Ms. S showed a significant deficit in solving mathematical problems. Based on the history of mathematics, she started having mathematical issues since childhood but was not diagnosed. I fa problem is not diagnosed, it will grow, and a person is more likely to experience difficulties even in their old age. They will also find it hard to understand and take more time than others to solve the problem. Solving the problem requires a person to start from the early stages all the way to adult which might require a lot of time and a person might not be skilled because their brain developmental stage already understood the knowledge in another way. Therefore, they will need more time to deal with mathematical problems and additional resources and tools. Additionally, she needs to solve one task at a time to help in memorizing and understanding.
The last important thing is to ensure she finishes all diagnosis because while she might fill well, there is a high possibility of the disorders occurring. A small vent like failure to complete a task by time might be the trigger to re-creating the disorder. Finishing the treatment will ensure that a person is not only okay but will also be able to deal with situations that might create a risk of a disorder reoccurring. Psychological Assessment Of Ms. S Project Papers.



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