Progressive Case Study of MacArthur and Associates Company

Progressive Case Study of MacArthur and Associates Company

Progressive Case Study

MacArthur and Associates is a business solutions organization.  The company was founded in 1962 and is celebrating 50 years in business.  The company started as a small temporary personnel firm.  Eventually, the company expanded into a firm that specializes in staffing, contract IT services, equipment leasing, and HR services.  The company is privately held by the MacArthur family.  The founder’s son is currently the CEO and daughter is the CFO.  Both the son and daughter were brought up in the firm and assumed their positions when their father retired 10 years ago.Progressive Case Study of MacArthur and Associates Company


MacArthur and Associates has regional offices in most states and the corporate office is located in Dallas, Texas.  MacArthur provides services to approximately 5000 businesses nationally catering to the small and medium sized businesses with revenues under $100,000,000.  MacArthur provides services through either their staff or personnel of around 20,000 temporary and fulltime service providers.  Full-time employees number at 500 nationally.

The company is financially sound and has traditionally small to moderate growth annually.  At 50 years old, the company is positioned to make significant growth.  MacArthur is looking to improve performance as well as their ability to function as a learning organization.  You (the leader) and your team have been hired as consultants to assist them with making the necessary changes.  Apply the theories, concepts, and applications you learned throughout the course.  Feel free to incorporate other components that will realistically improve the scenario. You will present the top three models for them to consider. Include your ethical guidelines as a consultant. Progressive Case Study of MacArthur and Associates Company

The report should be a minimum of 200 words with supporting references. Please make a recommendation with your explanation for each model. Be sure to participate among your classmates by sharing your thoughts on their theories and strategies, as well.


MacArthur and Associates is a company that provides business solutions that seems to have a condition that is stable. Despite being traditionally small and financially sound, the growth of the company appears to be stationary. The firm ought to improve its performance and foster its growth for it being in the industry for 50 years and progress its capability to work as an organization of learning. To facilitate the development and growth of MacArthur and Associates at a rate that is higher, some changes should get considered by the company (Daneshgari& Moore, 2016). Progressive Case Study of MacArthur and Associates Company

The first model that MacArthur and Associates should consider is supposed to make use of novel technology such as the development of their application in mobile services for the provision of faster and better services to its clients. This move generates an easiness for the consumer to gain access to services the company provides and ensures the improvement of the quality of their service. It is also essential to change with the existing technology and innovation in the world to rapidly grow in the industry since companies that do are not capable of developing themselves with the situation and time hence face several shortcomings (Hansen, February, 2011).

Secondly, to expand their services, the company should increase their full-time members of staff. From the statistics, we learn that the company’s financial condition is sufficiently stable therefore they can quickly bring change to the company. Also, MacArthur and Associates should come up with more skilled and better team that provides services that are worthwhile to their customers. It is because customers always prefer quality services making them increase in numbers, develop principles that are ethical in the workers and build customer loyalty (Krishnan, Nandy, & Puri, 2014). Progressive Case Study of MacArthur and Associates Company

Finally, it is significant for MacArthur and Associates to put more emphasis on noticeable capabilities. They provide their services to around 5000 businesses and possess office spaces in numerous states. This feature provides a significant advantage since the firm stretches to nearly all country parts. The company should add their service area and optimally utilize this advantage to ensure gain for the business clients(Hansen, February, 2011).Progressive Case Study of MacArthur and Associates Company


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