Problem-Oriented Policing Essay Paper

Problem-Oriented Policing Essay Paper

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25.0 Points

Compare and Contrast community-oriented policing with traditional policing.

Describe the strengths and weaknesses of community-oriented policing.

How has the the implementation of community oriented policing affected neighborhood crime?

Your essay should be well-developed (3-4 paragraphs) using  at least two scholarly references and written  in APA format.

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25.0 Points

In Problem-Oriented Policing (POP), what are the four steps in the problem solving process?

Create a hypothetical scenario involving a deadly batch of heroin that is making its way through your community in which you employ the four steps in the problem solving process.

Your essay should be well-developed (3-4 paragraphs) using  at least two scholarly references and written  in APA format.

Question 3 of 4


25.0 Points

What is the primary objective of CompStat?

What are the four key principles of the CompStat Model? Can CompState be used to combat terrorism? Why / Why Not?

Your essay should be well-developed (3-4 paragraphs) using  at least two scholarly references and written  in APA format.


Question 4 of 4


25.0 Points

What are the four key objectives in the transformation of local police agencies into intelligence-led organizations?

Intelligence-led policing is often viewed as a management tool instead of a crime reduction strategy. Explain how the use of intelligence led policing can reduce in a neighborhood with excessively high rates of burglaries.

Your essay should be well-developed (3-4 paragraphs) using  at least two scholarly referenc

            The approach of problem oriented policing was initially advanced in the year 1979 by Herman Goldstein. He advocated for the need to examine the standard policing model which was driven by incidents and reactive and replace with an approach that was more proactive to identify and target issues which contributed to disorder, crime among other issues (Sparrow, 2018). The interventions in problem oriented policing can consider different forms but may vary depending on the issue being combated. The four steps in the process of solving problems can also be referred to as the SARA model which are: Scanning, Analysis, Response and Assessment (Braga, 2014).   Problem-Oriented Policing Essay Paper


            In applying the four steps of the problem solving process in case where a deadly batch of heroin is making way through my community, I would start with scanning by relying on numerous sources to identify and prioritize the identification of individuals who use heroin, drug dealers and confirming that heroin users and abusers really exist and trying to figure out possible consequences of the existence of heroin within the community (Braga, 2014).  The next step is analysis where relevant data would be identified and analyzed to gather more information about the heroin and critically figuring out probable explanations that may explain the occurrence, use and abuse of heroin and potential drug dealers.Problem-Oriented Policing Essay Paper

In the response phase, police officers would collaborate to select appropriate interventions based on the analysis results. The response plan would include details the scope, nature, specific objectives to be attained and the roles and responsibilities of all the involved partners in the response implementation. The last step is assessment where a thorough evaluation will be done to ascertain whether the implementation of the responses was consistent with the response plan and whether they obtained the desired effects (Sparrow, 2018).


Braga, A. A. (2014). Problem-oriented policing. Encyclopedia of criminology and criminal justice, 3989-4000.

Sparrow, M. K. (2018). Problem-oriented policing: matching the science to the art. Crime Science7(1), 14. Problem-Oriented Policing Essay Paper

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