Principles of Marketing Sample Paper

Principles of Marketing Sample Paper

  1. What is the importance of current data in a SWOT analysis?
  2. How do you identify the SWOT factors in a fictitious firm?
  3. Which SWOT Factors must be specific to the firm and which can be Generic? Why?

Application of Distribution Concepts

In an attempt to move goods from the warehouse of a producer to the place where customers are located, firms must be able to choose applicable, relevant and cost-effective methods of distribution. There exists a number of ways in which products can be moved from the seller to the customer. These are known as distribution channels. Distribution can either be direct or indirect(Rothschild pg. 10-29). Direct distribution is a distribution method in which the firm organizes and manages the movement of products to the customers without the help of intermediaries. Indirect distribution, on the other hand, relies on the services of an intermediary in the movement of products to the consumers. Distribution can also be classified according to approach. Based on approach, distribution can either be intensive, selective or exclusive. Principles of Marketing Sample Paper

Situation One- A company that deals with Distribution of Quality Hair Dryer’s

            Since the hair dryer as a product under this situation is a specialized commodity,an effective distribution approach should be chosen. The company should consider using a direct distribution strategy. This is because the product to be distributed is high end and expensive (Carter and Turner pg. 50-55). Adding intermediaries in the sale of this product will make the product more expensive and unaffordable to the customers. On the approach of distribution, the company should consider the advantages and disadvantages of the various distribution approaches available before choosing one. The best path will be that which will focus on specific customers as explained below.

Application of Intensive Distribution Approach

This is a marketing strategy under which a company distributes its products through a number of channels to reach the widest market possible.In this case, the company does not have to reach all customers since the market is differentiated. The advantages and disadvantages of applying this approach to this industry include. Principles of Marketing Sample Paper


  • There might be increased sales volume
  • A wider market of customers is covered
  • Might lead to impulse buying


  • Requires that a lower price is quoted for the products
  • Not suitable for high-end products
  • It will be difficult to involve a large number of retailers in the market.


Suitability of Selective Distribution Approach

This approach is applied when products are specialized. Distribution is done through special distributors to cover specific regions only. This strategy is most appropriate for this company under consideration because the products being dealt with are high end expensive. The approach, however, has the following pros.


  • It saves on distribution expenses of the company
  • It is an efficient distribution strategy for specialized and high-end products
  • It can be used as means of controlling the marketing of a product


  • Under this approach, it might be difficult to attain the company’s objectives since marketing is done in specific regions only.
  • There is Lack of adaptability in products that are not selective
  • There is a risk since the company will have to extra services to the specifically selected distributors. Principles of Marketing Sample Paper

Consideration for Exclusive Distribution Approach

Exclusive distribution approach involves a comprehensive form of selecting a few distributors in a given geographical location. The strategy is appropriate when the maintenance of a brand image of a company is desired while high prices are quoted for products.This type of distribution can be appropriate in distributing the hair dryer products as a few distributors are selected to deal exclusively with the products. This approach has the following advantages and disadvantages.

  • There is greater ability to control the market
  • Facilitates Selection of more aggressive distributors and middleman
  • A good brand image is built to maintain customer’s loyalty


  • It is Difficult to maintain a high level of brand image for a long time
  • There is risk depending on one dealer in the market
  • It is suitable for high-end products characterized by low sales turnover


Case 2 –A company that Sale Cheap Laptop Computers

Indirect or Direct distribution

            Since the company aims to reach to as many customers as possible, an indirect distribution strategy should be chosen. An indirect approach will ensure that dealers, distributors, and intermediaries are involved in the marketing and sale of the products. This method will see that the expenses of marketing and promotion reduce significantly since this functions can be done by the intermediaries. Principles of Marketing Sample Paper

Intensive, Selective and Exclusive Approaches

On the distribution approach, the exclusive distribution should be used. This because the company will be able to distribute its products through a number of channels to reach the widest market possible. In this case, the company will not have to reach all customers since the market will be spread across all geographical areas(Jobber and Ellis-Chadwick np.). Selective and Exclusive approaches cannot be applied because the products are cheaper and higher sales volume is desired a situation the two approaches cannot attain.

Case 3- A company That Allows Customers to design their own Products (Clothes)

Direct or Indirect Distribution

The products of this company can be categorized as specialized products. Because of this fact, the company should employ a direct distribution approach. This is because allowing intermediaries to take part in this business may compromise the quality of clothes the customers desire thereby damaging the company’s reputation.  The company, therefore, must be able to meet all the costs of marketing and distribution by itself. 

Intensive, Exclusive or Selective Approaches

The company should employ exclusive and selective approaches to reaching out to consumers. The exclusive approach will facilitate the selection a few serious distributors and customers on specified geographic locations.A selective approach is suitable for application as the products being dealt with are specialized(Katano pg. 75-96). Distribution will be done through special distributors to cover specific regions only. This strategy will be the most appropriate for this company under consideration because the products being dealt with are high -end expected to expensive. Principles of Marketing Sample Paper

To sum, it is evident that different companies will apply different types and approaches to moving their products closer to customers. The approach chosen is determined mainly by the nature of products being dealt with and the prices quoted for the products. A company should identify first the position of their products in the market before deciding on the distribution strategy to employ.

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