Patient Safety’s Research Essay

Patient Safety’s Research Essay


Due to the alarming rates of cases associated with patient safety in the delivery of nursing services, conducting a study on the elements that trigger the trend is essential. As such, I am interested in endeavoring on an inquiry on the topic: The Patient Safety in Nursing Practice.

Research Design

The research undertaking would embrace both the qualitative and quantitative research approaches to foster an understanding of the current nursing issue. Thus, the research design would embrace a mixed research methodology that incorporates statistical and observational data. As such, the research design would use data collection instruments including surveys, questionnaires, and focused group discussions. The approach would allow the researcher to study the issue from multiple approaches, and thus, identify the main factors that influence the prevalence of patient safety issues in the nursing field.Patient Safety’s Research Essay

Research Purpose

The research undertaking seeks to investigate the elements that trigger the increases of cases such as the spread of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) that raise patient safety concerns. Furthermore, by understanding the factors that influence nurses among other health experts to make errors that jeopardize the safety of patients, interested parties would identify the appropriate intervention strategies to curb the growth of the trend.

Moreover, delving into the investigation would promote the realization of quality service delivery in the practice of nursing since the patient safety aspect is also important. Therefore, the research would facilitate the efforts towards underscoring the relevance of promoting patient safety in the hospital environment as one of the key roles played by nursing professionals.Patient Safety’s Research Essay


Research Problem/ Background

Recently, in the United States (U.S.), nursing practitioners have received an appraisal for promoting the reduction of patient safety cases since 2010. Impressively, between 2010 and 2014, nurses played an essential role in fostering patient safety as HAI cases reduced by 17%. However, figures show that the patient safety issue is still a major problem that hinders the delivery of standard services besides costing the economy $33 billion, annually (Kim, Lyder, McNeese‐Smith, Leach, & Needleman, 2015). Therefore, combating the threats that encourage the upsurge of patient safety cases is essential for not only relieving the U.S government from the financial burden but also promoting the delivery of quality healthcare services.Patient Safety’s Research Essay

 The factors that account for the rise of the patient safety problem in nursing include the frequency of medication errors, diagnostic mistakes, workplace safety, and healthcare facility safety. Since 2010, the government intensified efforts towards combatting patient safety issues by introducing precautionary strategies such as underscoring the essence of observing hygiene (Kim et al., 2015). Therefore, assessing the degree to which nursing practitioners avoid the risk factors is crucial for evaluating their efforts towards bolstering patient safety.Patient Safety’s Research Essay
Method/ Population/ Sampling

The mixed research methodology would focus on the incorporation of qualitative and quantitative aspects of data collection and analysis before arriving at conclusions. The undertaking would consider a sample population of an estimated 100 respondents comprising of hospital managers, physicians, nurses, and patients. For the sake of acquiring a representative population, the study would consider the use of probability sampling especially, the simple random sampling method.

Qualitatively, the research would administer focused group discussions and questionnaires to obtain the views of the respondents concerning the factors that prompt the patient safety issue. Quantitatively, surveys would facilitate the collection of statistical data about the trend that affects nursing practice efficiency. The analysis element of the research would consider the integration of ranking scales besides modeling approaches that would add meaning to the data collected.Patient Safety’s Research Essay


Kim, L., Lyder, C. H., McNeese‐Smith, D., Leach, L. S., & Needleman, J. (2015). Defining attributes of patient safety through concept analysis. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 71(11), 2490-2503. Patient Safety’s Research Essay

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