Nursing Professional Capstone and Practicum Course Essay

Nursing Professional Capstone and Practicum Course Essay

After completing another course, students have gained specific nursing knowledge that they are intended to demonstrate in practice. This course was useful for understanding and grasping such material as health care delivery, health policy, economic models in nursing, and other useful information. The following paper will discuss and cover various materials that were presented during the Professional Capstone and Practicum Course and will outline my professional strengths and weaknesses that were discovered with its help.Nursing Professional Capstone and Practicum Course Essay

New Practice Approaches

After completing the Professional Capstone and Practicum Course, I obtained and found new practice approaches that might be useful for implementing in my nursing work. One of the most instrumental things that I had a chance to grasp is a new method of planning the working day. It would be proper to state that planning and organizing one’s professional activity has a significant influence on the person’s results and productivity (Butts, 2017). Moreover, the aforementioned course was useful for understanding and working on different issues in local hospitals. As a nurse, I can witness that today’s medicine is lacking efficiency, patient-centered services and approaches, and timeliness factors. In order to reduce these problems, every member of medical personnel is obliged to pay enough attention to patients’ needs, keep records of specific drugs and prescribe them only to people who might benefit from these medicaments (Butts, 2017). Furthermore, every nurse has to be fast and effective in his or her work in order to help more patients if it is needed.Nursing Professional Capstone and Practicum Course Essay

Interprofessional Collaboration

Interprofessional collaboration implies communication among nurses, doctors, and other professionals whose activity might be related to the medical sphere. This campaign gives every member of the American healthcare system ability to study unique diseases, healing processes, and share his or her experience with other colleagues (Matziou et al., 2014). Furthermore, a mutual collaboration among nurses and doctors will bring even more benefit to patients due to professionals’ valuable theoretical knowledge and nurses’ experience that they gain in their work with patients on a daily basis. In order to improve healthcare services’ quality, it is essential for nurses and doctors to make collective examinations, interviews, and consider a wide range of healing processes.

Health Care Delivery and Clinical Systems

During the Professional Capstone and Practicum Course, students were obliged to analyze the impact of organizational and environmental factors that influence health care delivery and clinical systems. My nursing practice in the local hospital showed that even comparatively inconsiderable issues might have a significant impact on the entire healing process (Hamel, Norton, Jankiewicz, & Rousseau, 2015). For instance, an ambulance medical kit should always contain all the required medicaments and tools in order to provide a patient with required aid. Moreover, every nurse should be aware of his or her primary responsibilities and duties. Therefore, if their hospital or another type of medical institution is overwhelmed with patients, a proper organization of the workflow might be crucial. There were many cases of sequela occurrence due to unorganized schedules and low productivity of medical personnel. Another essential factor that has to be considered in every hospital’s department is serviceable equipment that cannot cause any harm to patients.Nursing Professional Capstone and Practicum Course Essay


Ethical Considerations in Healthcare

The aforementioned course’s studies and my nursing experience in combination showed that the American healthcare system presents some ethical challenges. The first issue is that nurses might be rude to their patients, which is unacceptable in their professional activity. Every patient has a right to receive medical help, regardless of his or her relationships with medical personnel (Butts, 2017). Another issue is that colleagues sometimes do not respect one another’s beliefs or viewpoints on life. In order to become a good team, nurses are obliged to make compromises and be loyal to their colleagues’ choices.Nursing Professional Capstone and Practicum Course Essay

 Population Health Concerns

Although every medicament in American hospitals is certified and passes various verification tests and procedures, the country’s population has concerns about medicine’s quality and their prices because sometimes these factors do not correspond to one another (Butts, 2017). Moreover, American citizens have other concerns in food safety, infections that might be caught in hospitals, and prescribed drugs overdose.

The Role of Technology in Improving Health Care Outcomes

The nursing sphere will be obliged to face multiple challenges due to the higher standards of medicine in general. Although such progress should be appreciated by medical personnel, many nurses and doctors worry because they can be replaced by new specialists or robots, and their labor will not be in demand anymore (Butts, 2017). However, new technologies are expected to be more precise in their calculations, which might improve various operations’ quality and their outcomes.Nursing Professional Capstone and Practicum Course Essay

Health Policy

In order to develop an efficient health policy for a hospital that one works at, it is essential to consider personal philosophy as to the healthcare services delivered to patients. Health policy of a particular hospital should identify its future plans and strategies to improve its productivity (Butts, 2017). Moreover, a head physician has to set clear priorities and give certain responsibilities and directions to every group and department of a medical institution to organize and delegate his or her auxiliaries in proper order.Nursing Professional Capstone and Practicum Course Essay

Leadership and Economic Models

Leadership and economic models are very instrumental in medical practice because these two factors might be considered control organs in every hospital. Leaders are responsible for developing beneficial strategies and making wise decisions about everything that refers to multiple healing processes in a hospital (Morton, Fontaine, Hudak, & Gallo, 2017). Economic models are used for keeping various expenses and income records. Otherwise, finances might be spent on something unreasonable, whereas doctors lack some equipment or other important purchases. Such additional sources as scholarly articles on leadership and specific doctors’ abilities can be introduced to the given issues to influence optimal outcomes.Nursing Professional Capstone and Practicum Course Essay

Health Disparities

Such health disparities as different races, challenged people, sexual minorities, immigrants, people of various ethnical backgrounds, and others, are very common in my daily nursing practice. People that do not refer to the majority of other citizens, and require an individual approach because not only they might have specific disorders or diseases, their mental health, biases, and other issues can imply significant difficulties to inexperienced workers (Morton et al., 2017). Therefore, the interprofessional collaboration will be useful in coping with illnesses of health disparities.Nursing Professional Capstone and Practicum Course Essay


After completing the Professional Capstone and Practicum Course and practicing in nursing at a hospital, I discovered new practice approaches that I can use for my patients’ benefit in the future. Moreover, I have identified personal strengths and weaknesses in my profession. For instance, I demonstrated good organizational and leadership skills, whereas my timeliness and productivity, in working with patients, still needs improvement. The competencies aligned to this course were met and referred to during my practice, as I participated in some interprofessional collaboration meetings, implemented specific strategies presented by this course, and improved personal health care delivery skills and knowledge.Nursing Professional Capstone and Practicum Course Essay


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