Nursing Education in China and Poland Essay

Nursing Education in China and Poland Essay


This exercise is an opportunity for me to examine the education system of China and Poland. China’s economic and population growth rates can be used to outline the unique aspects of its education system. Poland’s healthcare sector has been growing steadily over the past two decades (Sztembis, 2006). My initial expectation was that the two nations had different nursing education systems. Before reading these articles, I expected that nursing education in China was underdeveloped and largely controlled by the government. I also imagined that Poland’s nursing education system was influenced by the Soviet Union throughout the 20th century.Nursing Education in China and Poland Essay

Political History and Development of Nursing Education


Throughout the 19th century, “nursing education was treated as vocational by the Ministry of Education” (Wong & Zhao, 2012, p. 39). From 1950, the government through the Ministry of Health began to standardize every nursing programme. New schools focusing on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) were initiated by the government in 1958. The first baccalaureate programme in TCM was started in 1999. More schools began to offer nursing programmes and health sciences towards the end of the 20th century.


The political history of Poland has dictated the nature of nursing education available to many students. The first nursing school was established in 1911. In the 1950s, new schools emerged to offer 2-year nursing programmes. The first nursing organization called the Polish Nursing Association of Professional Nurses (PNAPN) was established in 1925 (Sztembis, 2006). The first university-based “nursing programme was introduced in the 1970s” (Sztembis, 2006, p. 103). New changes were recorded after Poland’s liberation from the Soviet Union in 1989.Nursing Education in China and Poland Essay


This discussion shows clearly that nursing education in China has been dictated by the country’s politics. The government embraced new changes after the Cultural Revolution. In Poland, nursing education has changed due to the political climates encountered throughout the 20th century (Sztembis, 2006). The quality of nursing education improved in 1989 after Poland joined the European Union.Nursing Education in China and Poland Essay

The Government and Nursing Organizations: Influencing Nursing Education


Nursing education is mainly influenced by the Ministry of Health. The ministry oversees different programmes towards improving the quality of nursing education. The ministry collaborates with the National Nurse Qualification Examination (NNQE) to ensure students have the relevant qualifications before joining the workforce (Wong & Zhao, 2012). In 1996, the National Medical Higher Educational Committee (NMHE) was established to regulate different schools providing nursing education.Nursing Education in China and Poland Essay


The Ministry of Health and different organizations continue to influence nursing education in the country. The Ministry of Health supports different academic programmes. However, admirable changes began in the 1990s after the country embraced new policies (Sztembis, 2006). ICN supports the performance of different nursing organizations.



Unlike Poland, China does not have major nursing organizations. These two countries have unique government functions to oversee the quality of nursing education. The Ministry of Health collaborates with different institutions and schools to ensure the needs of more students are met (Wong & Zhao, 2012). These countries have therefore adopted similar approaches towards improving the quality of nursing education.Nursing Education in China and Poland Essay

Current System of Nursing Education


The article shows clearly that the country has unique systems for educating students to become nurses. The TCM and baccalaureate programmes equip learners with the required skills to become competent caregivers. Some hospital-based learning institutions offer various nursing programmes (Wong & Zhao, 2012). The major bachelor’s degree programmes in the country include TCM, health medicine, and nursing (Wong & Zhao, 2012).


Some hospital-based schools and universities provide different nursing courses in Poland. Students can consider different programmes including a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree in Nursing (Sztembis, 2006). The country combines different nursing education programmes in an attempt to train more nurses. For example, students can pursue midwifery and other courses.Nursing Education in China and Poland Essay


These countries have embraced convergent approaches to improve nursing education. The nations offer both degrees and hospital-based diplomas (Wong & Zhao, 2012). These combinations are making it possible for more people to access quality nursing care.

Post-Graduate Education


The article indicates “that there are 58 Master in Nursing programmes in China” (Wong & Zhao, 2012, p. 42). Applicants should have passed their undergraduate programmes. The major areas of specialization include nursing education, specialty nursing, community nursing, nursing management, and psychological nursing. Successful completion of the course allows individuals to pursue their doctoral degrees.Nursing Education in China and Poland Essay


After completing the baccalaureate programme, nurses can “continue their education in a 2-year complimentary Master’s studies that will broaden their skills and knowledge” (Sztembis, 2006, p. 106). This course prepares the learners for new roles such as research, nursing education, and management. They can also complete a doctoral degree after the programme.


These nations have both doctoral and master’s degree programmes in nursing. Such programmes make it easier for individuals to improve the quality of nursing and health care (Wong & Zhao, 2012).


This exercise has presented new surprises about nursing education in China. The study has informed me about the positive changes embraced by the Chinese government. These two countries are currently embracing educational systems that are similar to that of the United States (Reinhard & Hassmiller, 2014). For instance, the three systems have a Diploma, Bachelor of Science, and Master of Science courses (Sztembis, 2006). However, some differences can be observed in these nursing education systems. The US nursing education system requires students to complete various prerequisite courses before pursuing their degrees. The Diploma in Nursing is usually completed after 3 years. The Master’s of Science in Nursing can be completed in 1-3 years.Nursing Education in China and Poland Essay


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