M1D2 Capstone Project: Leadership and Nursing Discussion.

M1D2 Capstone Project: Leadership and Nursing Discussion.

Reflecting upon your project, begin to research the literature and explore the current articles that describe background information about your topic. Don’t forget to refer back to the Library Course Page (Links to an external site.) for help. Identify a few problems or issues relevant to your topic, what groups are directly or indirectly impacted by these issues, and the nurse’s role and responsibility related to the topic. M1D2 Capstone Project: Leadership and Nursing Discussion.Remember, in Modules 3 through 4 we will continue to refine your project as a work in progress before you present your completed power-point presentation of your project to your professor and classmates (Module 5 week 10) and to your selected group (Modules 6-8 or weeks 11-14).

Faculty and peers will provide informal feedback to your project as a work in progress. Please submit an attachment of your project in the discussion area for additional feedback.

Attached is the topic of interest.

As you begin to draft your project, for this discussion:

  • State your project title and describe 2-3 issues or problems related to your topic. Cite a minimum of two sources to support this discussion.
  • Identify any two groups or stakeholders directly or indirectly impacted by this topic and issues.
  • Review your peers’ topics and discussion, and provide comments and/or suggestions to further develop this section of the project.


  • Deliberate how this was useful to your understanding of why best evidence projects are essential to nursing practice in your response to peers.

The healthcare system and facilities are facing numerous challenges that need the intervention and collaboration of different stakeholders. As nurse leaders try to transform the healthcare environment with an emphasis on a patient-centric focus, they face the challenges of nurse shortage and burnouts. The nurse shortage problem includes having less number of staff (nursing) than the available workload. M1D2 Capstone Project: Leadership and Nursing Discussion.Nurse shortage may be caused by several factors, including an aging population that retires an aging workforce, and limited recruitment and supply of nurses. On the other hand, nurse burnouts involve consistent mental, emotional as well as the physical state where nurses experience chronic overwork as well as dissatisfaction from the job (lack of support and work fulfillment) (JM et al., 2020). These nursing problems create a challenge where nurse leaders cannot dedicate their effort toward patient-centric services and practices. M1D2 Capstone Project: Leadership and Nursing Discussion.

There are two ways in which nurse leaders can influence, bridge the dichotomy between nursing and medicine, as well as effect change that can help implement patient-centered approaches. First, undertaking an interdisciplinary team consultation can help promote patient-centered approaches (Gusmano et al. 2019). Notably, it will bring all healthcare stakeholders on board as a way of solving issues that may become barriers to patient-centered care. For example, it helps solve the issue of staff non-commitment to the course of providing the care. Similarly, nursing leaders can increase the recruitment of nurses and other medical professionals. Notably, one of the barriers to patient-centric healthcare provision is the lack of enough medical professionals to cater to patients (Hochman, 2017). If nurse leaders recruit adequate nurses and medical professionals, they would add to the staff ready to provide patient-focused service. M1D2 Capstone Project: Leadership and Nursing Discussion.These two strategies will help bridge the dichotomy between nursing and medicine as a patient-centric approach is more of a nursing function than the disease-centered approach that emphasizes on medicine provision.


Gusmano, M. K., Maschke, K. J., & Solomon, M. Z. (2019). Patient-centered care, yes; patients as consumers, no. Health Affairs38(3), 368-373.

Hochman, O. (2017). Patient-centered care in healthcare and its implementation in nursing. International Journal of Caring Sciences10(1), 596.

JM, B. C., Hatfield, L., Brom, H., Houton, M., Kelly-Hellyer, E., Schlak, A., & Aiken, L. H. (2020). System-Level Improvements in Work Environments Lead to Lower Nurse Burnout and Higher Patient Satisfaction. Journal of Nursing Care Quality. M1D2 Capstone Project: Leadership and Nursing Discussion.

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