Local Market Structure Project Papers.

Local Market Structure Project Papers.

Presentation Script

Slide 1: Local Market Analysis

Slide 2: MarketStructure

First of all, let us start by defining the market structure.

Market structure is defined as the characteristics that demonstrate how the market is organized. The characteristics that we are focusing on include concentration, growth, competition and the supporting industries.


In regard to concentration, we were able to look at the market share of the largest firms in the country. Some of the largest firms that we found in the country are Shake Shack, Burger Fuel, and Five Guys.

Slide 3: Market Structure (Continued)

Again, we identified that the country has been witnessing the highest burger chains growth. The research we conducted helped us attribute this sharp growth to several factors. First, the significant rise in the number of international tourists visiting the country. Second, the growing population in the country which translated into increased demand. Third, the changing lifestyle of the people in the country due to globalization.

Slide 4: Market Structure (Continued)

Moreover, we noted that the country has embraced the influx of international chain which oversees its restaurant competitive market. We also learned from the largest firms in the country that brand was the main factor to dominate in the Dubai’s competitive market. We were, therefore, able to know that In-N-Out Burger industry with very strong brand awareness can do well in this country.

We then brought to know the supporting industries. We thought that relating with other industries in the market which the other largest firms integrated with was necessary. These industries include fast food franchise partners like McDonald’s, and Coffee and specialty dessert purveyors.




Local Market Structure Project Papers.


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