Jackson Memorial Hospital System- Essay Paper.

Jackson Memorial Hospital System- Essay Paper.

Jackson Memorial Hospital is a trusted healthcare provider in South Florida. It is governed by a public health trust which ensures that all members of the community receive quality healthcare services regardless of their ability to pay. Jackson Memorial Hospital System- Essay Paper.The hospital is part of the Jackson Health System that is made up of a network of multiple health centers such as Jackson North Medical Centre as well as the Jackson South Medical Centre. Jackson Health System also has primary care centers, specialty centers such as mental health facilities, trauma units, and long-term nursing services. The hospital is also allied with the University of Miami’s School of Medicine. Furthermore, it ensures high operational efficiency, good patient flow, and high quality to retain its standards as a top referral center, a magnet for medical research, and the most vigorous health provider in the county. Jackson Health System is an integrated system made up of Jackson Memorial Hospital, which is a primary teaching hospital, community medical centers, and specialty service centers such as the Ryder Trauma Center.Jackson Memorial Hospital System- Essay Paper.


  1. Teaching Hospital and Its Affiliation with the University of Miami

The public health trust which governs the Jackson Health System has an affiliation agreement with the University of Miami’s well-known Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine (Jackson Health System, 2018). This agreement makes Jackson Memorial Hospital the primary teaching hospital for the medical school. The two operate as independent institutions and have yearly operating arrangements stating the duties and services to be delivered by each party. The programs offered at the university and the services offered at the hospital have been closely integrated, a feature that has made the hospital a major tertiary care center for the immediate community and the whole region (Jackson Health System, 2018). The hospital gets referrals from South Florida, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. Management of the high capacity is possible as the hospital grants more than half of the full-time faculty members with medical privileges to help serve the large number of patients in the center.Jackson Memorial Hospital System- Essay Paper.

The relationship between the hospital and the university is symbiotic. Thus, medical students can get first-hand experience from various medical cases referred to the hospital from different regions. The wide range of experiences allows all-around training that combines local and international pathology (Jackson Health System, 2018). The hospital system is privileged to serve a population with significant and diverse needs, thereby offering students an opportunity to train in all areas of medical pathology. In this regard, the university is a top training center as it trains quality doctors who have undergone a thorough residency program at the hospital. Moreover, the medical students get opportunities to work with researchers attracted by the hospital’s unique clinical cases. The hospital’s bed capacity (1550) makes it a prime teaching facility for the university.

B. Medical Services

The Jackson Health System is one of America’s largest public health systems. It comprises nine community medical centers with the Jackson Memorial Hospital being at the heart of the system. The Jackson Memorial Hospital offers 24-hour emergency services and inpatient and outpatient medical services. Moreover, it has specialized medical care centers such as the Ryder Trauma Center. Payments in the form of Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance plans are accepted at all Jackson health centers. The system charges additional costs for special tests, drug prescriptions, operations, and delivery.Jackson Memorial Hospital System- Essay Paper.

The system has a large number of patients seeking medical services from different medical centers. This situation has led to an increased demand for operational efficiency, fast patient movement, patient safety, and quality care. For this reason, in 2014, the Jackson Health System initiated Medical Information Record Advancing Clinical Excellence (MIRACLE ), a venture that would see the hospitals electronic healthcare record (EHR) system upgraded and a barcode medication administration system put in place (Capsa Healthcare, 2018). The EHR system before the MIRACLE was a hybrid; it utilizes paper records and electronic documents (Moody, Slocumb, Berg, & Jackson, 2004). Therefore, it needs reconciliation of health records.

The goal of the MIRACLE initiative is to make improvements that would positively transform the medical services offered at the unit level. The improvements expected would focus on improved workflow, the safety of patient records, and the ability to meet the hospital’s objectives of high-quality health care. The MIRACLE system eliminated the use of paper for documentation, introduced barcode medication administration, and improved the admission order timing (Capsa Healthcare, 2018). Furthermore, time spent on patient record reconciliation was reduced significantly leading to increased and efficient patient flow.Jackson Memorial Hospital System- Essay Paper. Referral of patients for specialized care is now easy as all the medical records are available electronically (Moody, Slocumb, Berg, & Jackson, 2004). As a result, the waiting time was reduced drastically and the quality of care improved. Ultimately, the hospital offers value-added customer experience.

Barcode medication administration drastically reduces medical errors. By using barcodes, the five rights of medication administration are checked at the patient’s bedside (Boling & Pravikoff, 2017). In this regard, nurses verify whether the patient, dose, drug administered, time of administration, and administration route are correct. The main aim of this system is to ensure patient safety because it sends approvals to the administration of medication or real-time warnings if any of the five rights are not correct. With this system, the Jackson Memorial Hospital has improved patient safety in the provision of medical services.

The MIRACLE initiative also involved the deployment of mobile computing carts. The IT staff in the hospital rolls the cards in each department whereas the nurses concentrate on providing care for the patients. As a result, the interaction between the nurses and patients improved as the nurses are not preoccupied with pushing carts while attending to patients. Moreover, they do not have to leave the room to document patient information due to the elimination of the use of paper records. Therefore, the MIRACLE initiative improved the delivery of medical services at Jackson Memorial Hospital and facilitated an upgrade from Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) stage 3.5 to level 6 (Capsa Healthcare,2018). Level 6 institutions are characterized by improved patient safety, minimized medical errors, and implementation of up-to-date IT systems in the provision of medical services.Jackson Memorial Hospital System- Essay Paper.

C. Specialty Services

Jackson Memorial Hospital offers various specialty services including adult orthopedics, maternal–fetal medicine, bariatric weight loss, cardiology, general surgery, endocrinology, obstetrics and gynecology, pulmonology, and pediatric orthopedics among others (Jackson Health System, 2018). Jackson Memorial Hospital is among the top hospitals in specialized care because it has some of the best physicians in different medical fields. The hospital is home to the Ryder Trauma Center, the only level 1 adult and pediatric trauma center in South Florida. The trauma center receives over 4000 patients annually, locally and those referred from other centers worldwide. Critical care surgeons are available 24 hours a day, and in the 25 years of operation, the center has not referred a patient to other centers. The center facilitates resuscitation, trauma patient rehabilitation, intensive care services, emergency surgical intervention, and outpatient care services. The center is equipped to handle victims of motor vehicle crashes, gunshot wounds, stabbings, falls, industrial injuries, and burns.

The Jackson North and South Medical Centers have exclusive surgical weight loss programs specializing in sleeve gastrectomy (Jackson Health System, 2018). Procedures performed at Jackson Health System consist of revisional surgery, gastric balloon, gastric bypass, and gastric banding. The weight loss programs have freed hundreds of people from obesity-related lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and transformed their lives forever. Moreover, the system provides specialized HIV and AIDS testing and support at Holtz Children’s Hospital, Jefferson Healthcare, North Dade Health Center, and the Jackson Memorial Hospital which are primary care centers (Jackson Health System, 2018). The health system seeks to provide comprehensive support for all patients diagnosed with HIV.

The Jackson Health System has specialized centers for mental health and behavioral hospitals (Jackson Health System, 2018). The well-being of all community members is vital for the care system. Hence, comprehensive mental health services are established to ensure that patients are psychologically healthy (Jackson Health System, 2018). Jackson Memorial Hospital System- Essay Paper.Two community centers, Jackson Community Mental Health Center and Jackson South Medical Center, offer support to patients who cannot access the Jackson Behavioral Health Hospital. Mental health care is an important part of the well-being of adults and children. Patients are attended to by psychiatrists and specialized therapists who help restore their mental health.

The Jackson Health System has a multidisciplinary cancer department that provides high-technology care to patients with cancer, blood defects, and immune system disorders. The health system advocates for early screening and treatment for improved clinical outcomes. The Jackson Health System has full-service maternity care at the Jackson Memorial Hospital and Jackson North and South Medical Centers. The system has specialists in maternal–fetal medicine, critical care services, and various birthing options. Holtz Children’s Hospital is nearby in case of any complications and if the child needs auxiliary services.

The Jackson Health System is a fully integrated system with nine community centers. The health system also has specialized care facilities such as the pediatric unit which has a children’s hospital, a well-known trauma center, mental health facilities, and weight loss program centers. To effectively operate these centers as a unit, the MIRACLE initiative was established to increase workflow and patient safety and improve the quality of care. The MIRACLE initiative includes the automation of patient documentation from the use of paper to computer-based to eliminate the need for reconciliation of records (Hayward, Warren, & Sykes, 31). A barcode medication administration process was adopted to reduce the chances of medication errors and increase patient safety (Boling & Pravikoff, 2017).Jackson Memorial Hospital System- Essay Paper. Mobile computing carts were launched to increase the rate of workflow and customer service experience due to increased interaction between the care providers and patients. The implementation of this system led to the recognition of Jackson Memorial Hospital as a HIMSS level 6 facility for having achieved the required patient safety levels and automation of daily operations using IT. As a primary teaching hospital, Jackson Memorial Hospital is a magnet for medical research. The integration of the different departments, centers, medical services, and specialized care centers makes Jackson Health System a fully functioning integrated system.



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