Intelligence-Led Policing Essay Paper

Intelligence-Led Policing Essay Paper

Since the terrorist attacks that happened on US soil in the year 2011 on the 11th of September, there has been a revelation on the death and life significance of enhancing intelligence operations in the US. Since this day, a lot of attention has been focused on the need for constructive changes in intelligence operations. In transforming local police agencies in to organizations which are intelligence led, some of the major objectives include: task force creation and developing a process of co-ordination, developing core intelligence products which will lead operations, establishing standard practices in training and developing protocols which will facilitate capabilities in intelligence (Ratcliffe, Sorg & Rose, 2015). Intelligence-Led Policing Essay Paper

In a neighborhood where there is an excessively high rate of burglaries, the SARA model that is linked to the problem oriented policing can be used with the purpose of intelligence in mind. Intelligence-led policing can be described as a set of strategies used in risk management and assessment of problem which lays emphasis on the collection and analysis of data with the goal of preventing crime. Therefore the steps of scanning, analyzing, responding and assessing will still apply to every department. According to Burcher & Whelan (2018), these steps will help each department to place their resources as expected in preventing the occurrences of crimes. Alternatively, law enforcement officers can always obtain intelligence prior to the occurrence of a burglary, hence better positioned to prevent it from occurring.


            In scanning, based on the intelligence provided, individuals and households implicated would be prioritized and possible consequences of the burglaries would be identified. Relevant intelligence would be analyzed to collect more information about the burglaries and to figure out the likely explanations that may explain the incidences. When responding, police officers would use relevant interventions to apprehend the perpetrators and based on the response implementation plan. Lastly, in the assessment phase, it would be evaluated whether the responses to the intelligence provided were consistent or not.Intelligence-Led Policing Essay Paper


Burcher, M., & Whelan, C. (2018). Intelligence-Led Policing in Practice: Reflections From Intelligence Analysts. Police Quarterly, 1098611118796890.

Ratcliffe, J. H., Sorg, E. T., & Rose, J. W. (2015). Intelligence-led policing in Honduras: applying Sleipnir and social psychology to understand gang proliferation. Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology30(2), 112-123. Intelligence-Led Policing Essay Paper

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