Hospital-Acquired Infection and Healthcare Quality Essay

Hospital-Acquired Infection and Healthcare Quality Essay


Any medical establishment faces a number of complex problems in the course of its functioning. The appearance of these problems is conditioned by the nature of services provided to people and by the dual character of results. The fact is that very often specialists fail to help a person because of several reasons. Yet, it gives rise to numerous speculations.


The case under analysis provides the ground for numerous discussions. A patient developed a life-threatening staph infection after the surgery at the hospital. For this reason, he/she filed against the organization stating that the medical malpractice was the main cause for the appearance of this problem. In case the patient is right, the hospital will have to pay an indemnity to satisfy patients claims and preserve its image.Hospital-Acquired Infection and Healthcare Quality Essay

Delivery of the health care

Investigating the case, it is crucial to determine several important aspects. First, the conditions of the delivery of the health care services should be highlighted. Precise investigation of the main stages of the given surgery shows that a duty to care was established properly. For this reason, the hospital is able to save its image and assure the patient that the appearance of the above-mentioned infection was not the organizations fault (Gougen, n.d.). However, it is just the first phase of the multi-staged investigation process, and there are numerous aspects to be analyzed.Hospital-Acquired Infection and Healthcare Quality Essay

Professionalism of members

Nevertheless, the appearance of this problem still introduces the possibility of dutys breach. There are numerous cases of medicine malpractices that result in patients death or appearance of severe complications (Types of Maltreatment, n.d.). For this reason, the investigation of the professionalism of all team members is crucial. Yet, all health workers involved in the surgery could be considered experienced professionals who have the great experience in the given sphere and have performed a number of operations of this sort.Hospital-Acquired Infection and Healthcare Quality Essay

Possibility of injury

The investigation of the possibility of injury that could appear while operating should be performed. Medical records related to this procedure and video recordings are analyzed to obtain the clear image of the whole situation. Additionally, the medical staff that was present at the operation are interviewed to understand the character of all actions performed during the surgery. They admitted the fact that the operation was sustained in accordance with all existing demands and there were no complications or injuries.Hospital-Acquired Infection and Healthcare Quality Essay



It is also vital to state whether the patients injury appeared due to negligence or not. As mentioned above, all health workers have great competence in the given sphere and could stand bail for their colleagues. Moreover, there were no cases of negligence peculiar to any of these workers. These facts evidence the low possibility of negligence and disregard of direct duties.

Provision of punishment

Having analyzed the main peculiarities of the given case, there are certain conclusions. First, the hospital provided high-quality medical services to a patient. The delivery of care was organized in accordance with the existing standards. The patient was operated by that team that consisted of experienced specialists characterized by the responsible attitude to their duties. The investigation excluded the possibility of injury or negligence. Comprehending these very issues, one could conclude that the appearance of a staph infection should be considered an infelicitous occasion that could hardly be foreseen. The hospital and its staff provided the needed medical care. Under these conditions, the given organization is not liable for this incident. Moreover, health workers should also be taken as guiltless as they acted in accordance with all existing demands.Hospital-Acquired Infection and Healthcare Quality Essay


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