HM3031 Leadership Development Assignment Paper.

HM3031 Leadership Development Assignment Paper.

Purpose: This individual assignment is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their understanding of
leadership development.
Answer All FIVE (5) of the following questions. The questions come from the recorded tutorial
questions from week 8 to week 12.  HM3031 Leadership Development Assignment Paper.
Question 1 Week 8: Tutorial 7 (5 marks)
Discuss the leader’s role in a team-based organisation. Provide examples to support your claims/arguments. Answer this question in 300 words
Question 2 Week 9: Tutorial 8 (5 marks)
What are some leadership practices that enhance innovation? Provide some examples. Answer this question in 300 words
Question 3 Week 10: Tutorial 9 (5 marks)
Negotiating and bargaining is a basic leadership role. Conflicts can be considered situations calling for negotiating and bargaining with another person to resolve a problem. What are some approaches to negotiation, with a philosophy of win-win? Explain your view with some examples. Answer this question in 300 words
Question 4 Week 11: Tutorial 10 (5 marks)
Why might being very practical-minded interfere with being an outstanding strategic leader? Answer this question in 300 words
Question 5 Week 12: Tutorial 11 (5 marks)
Suppose you are a team leader and one of your team members has a strong work ethic, based on his or her cultural values. Is it fair to assign this member much more work just because he or she is willing to work longer and harder than other team members? Explain your reasoning. Answer this question in 300 words


Identification of the differences between the management duties and leadership duties

Manager and leader are two highly utilized words in the business world. In this aspect, most of the organizations, managerial personnel think themselves as leaders but there is a tiny line of differences (Woodward, Shaffakat, & Dominé, 2019). The basic differences between leaders and managers lie in their activities. One manager has the role to plan, organize, control and lead their employees through their designation power to fulfil requirements of organizational goals. Contrarily, leaders have the aim to improvise the inner resources of employees through motivation, inspiration and others where personal nature, behaviour, and communication power play a greater role. In this case study, it is observed that the Managing Director of the company has enough leadership to unite all of his employees under his leadership (Horsman, 2018). HM3031 Leadership Development Assignment Paper.On the other hand, cross-sectional team members or managers who are sent to Europe to observe the company operations were not a prudent one. They have no such leading power, integration maintenances capacity to make an integrated meeting with both of the Lithuanian and Italian members. But, due to lack of inspiration, the motivation of employees along with lack of proper leadership, Italian counterparts make the meeting into their stages of achievement which was a highly disappointing one (Koka et al., 2019).HM3031 Leadership Development Assignment Paper.

The Managing Director’s response

a. Legal concerns
According to the legal definition, the managing director has a substantial power of management. In this aspect, it is observed that the managing director of this organization has sufficient power to maintain integrity among his employees and team members (Clapp-Smith et al., 2019). On the other hand, he has sufficient planning and controlling power also which is lacking among the managers who were sent to Europe to make a meeting with Lithuanian and Italian stakeholders of the company. Managing directors of this organization have sufficient power to develop motivation among his employees. He has the leading perspectives because he had felt the requirements of making operational supervisions of Europe based business activities. This step was highly crucial for the organization to make a bold step in the expansion of business internationally. In his aspect, he had found the inefficiency of his cross-national managers also as at the end of meeting Lithuanian employees made the conclusion that, they have gone no such information about the current situation of the organization o submit a decent report after the meeting. As MD has the legal concern of integration and business expansion, so he becomes serious about the issue and had taken steps to improvise their issues. As the managing director has the motto to make the development of infrastructure of organizational productivity in aspects of both of the quality and quantity. Discussions on legal concerns of managing director of the organization indicate towards some basic rules. It includes making the recruitment of employees having age at least 19 years (Clinton, 2018). To comply with the organizational future based improvement, this MD has emphasized over long term success plans of the organization, he had removed the confliction issues as well as has put care and diligence to hear from all the stakeholders.

b. Ethical concerns
Managing directors of the organizations are highly pressurized by Federal governments and other statutory bodies to prevent all kinds of ethical issues within organizations before they happen. In this aspect, managing directors have to play their role as an advocate. As managing director, he has the duty to embrace the cultural aspects of the organization. To maintain the integration culture, here in the case study it is observed that, managers of the company had called both of the Lithuanian and Italian managers separately to hear from them specifically. HM3031 Leadership Development Assignment Paper.Another ethical concern for managing directors is to continue their working schedule in a non-discriminate manner. Discrimination maintenances on the basis of colour, nation, race, gender and others in corporate organizations are now punishable offences according to global business standards rules. As a managing director, it is a highly crucial duty to making a revision in the business policies and corporate laws. This reformulation of policies is very crucial because through such amendments, company laws, rules and regulation becomes simplified. It becomes understandable to all stakeholders. In this way, the managing director can avoid ethical issues. Another duty of managing directors of the organizations are maintenances of communications among all other stakeholders. It is found to be present in the given case study that, managing director has no completed his duty only through providing some instructions about the activities to be done in Europe operations but also he had met with all the managers. Communication maintenance are highly crucial to avoid all kinds of ethical issues and misconducts among the employees (Sosik & Jung, 2018).

c. Strategic concerns

In an aspect of strategic concerns it is found to be present that, most of the Managing directors are very much interested in the transformation of business. In this case study, its also found to be present that, the managing director is highly interested to develop their team for the future betterment of the organizations. In this case study, it is observed that the managing director has a great emphasis on the strategic management of the organization. In this aspect, most of the managing directors make their focus on strategy development, development of the strategic visions, mission development, along with goalsetting activities. In this aspect, the managing director of the case study has provided his emphasis on expansion of business across the European land. In this way, they will come in contact with different strategies, tactics, and finally making the measurement of the quality improvement, customer base expansion and many others. HM3031 Leadership Development Assignment Paper.Managing director of the organization has made great research upon the needs and requirements of the industry to survive for a long term in the market. In this aspect, there are different kinds of leadership theory exists which are authentic leadership, servant leadership, delegate leadership, lessize-fair theories and many others. It is observed than authentic and transformative leadership models are very authentic where the employees get their enough scope to enhance their business level and on the other hand, they will be adjusted with the changing facets of the global business world.HM3031 Leadership Development Assignment Paper.


Leadership behaviour is the crucial thing and It has a pivotal role in the smooth continuation of business operations across the world. In this aspect, it is highly recommended for the managing directors and managers of the case study given the company to get in touch with some leadership training system. Manager and leader both are highly crucial two bases of the business world. Both of these words have a bit of similarity also but in some aspects both 9of these facets are different from one another. Proper leadership activities will inspire and motivate their employees. Managerial activities include the command and referrals of the personnel where employees are bound to follow them. On the other hand, leaders can inspire and motivate their employees to go through their personal behaviour, communication skills. Only a leader can inspire their employees to understand the mission and vision of the organization. This understanding is highly crucial for them to be followed by employees. In this aspect, technology-based communication system implementations are highly recommended. It makes the employees ready for changing environments. The behavioural pattern of the managers are highly crucial and without it, employee integration maintenances are not possible. In this aspect, leaders and their behavioural pattern play a great role in socio-economic growth and development of the organizations (Bush, Bell, & Middlewood, 2019).

Conflict resolution
Conflict resolution is another crucial task for leaders where employee integration is the main focus. Confliction occurs among employees due to the difference of opinions, differences in the level of knowledge, lack of civil senses for colleagues and making chaos within the organization. Conflict resolution is highly related to the reputation management system of the organizations. It helps the employees to get their proper valuation in organizations. HM3031 Leadership Development Assignment Paper.In this conflict resolution survey, It is highly recommended to the managing directors to maintain the organizational structures in such a way where grass root level emp0loyees also get a scope to communicate if they need. Tracking of employees is also highly crucial here. In this way, managing directors and senior executives will be able to directly observe the entire operations. Managing directors are highly recommended here to make the system of the regular meeting in a particular span. In these meetings employees, seniors and other peoples of all the hierarchy of the organizations will participate. In this aspect, they will be able to express their own comments in their meetings, In this way, the misunderstanding related issues and ethical issues will be removed from the organizations. Implementation of these steps will definitely help them in organizational growth and development along with enhanced global reputations.


Developing teamwork
Teamwork development is the most crucial activity of a manager and a managing director. In this aspect, teamwork de elopement needs some basic personal development. For this reason, it is highly important to develop a sense of integration among employees. Utilization of social media platforms is a highly recommended one. Some of the social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, Instagram, and many others are highly important role bearer to make a co-operative nature among employees. In this manner, employees will be able to interact with each other. Implementations of such a step will be highly crucial for troubleshooting purpose also. On the other hand, when employees of the case study given company will be available in the social media platforms then they will come in contact with other professionals. It will help them in the expansion of their knowledge and ideas also. From all of these aspects, it is highly recommended to develop a team, two things are required. The primary thing is to providing training to all of them for their personal skill development along with introducing them to enormous social media.

From this entire discussion, it can be concluded that managing directors of the organizations have a lot of roles and responsibilities. Starting from the employee’s performances levels, global reputations of the organizations and many other things are totally de0endent on the leadership style of the managing directors. It is also observed that there is a lack of proper, management system in the meeting of the case study. As a result, it has not made any meaning to the other employees like Lithuanian employees. Some recommendations are provided here according to the situation. On the o9ther hand, there is a discussion on the leadership models also. Implementation of suitable strategy, leadership theories, recommendations along with technological advancements are the stairs to the socio-economic growth and development of organizations with satisfied employees.HM3031 Leadership Development Assignment Paper.


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