Healthcare Leadership Presentation Project Papers.

Healthcare Leadership Presentation Project Papers.


In the current setting, healthcare facilities are faced with workplace hurdles such as the increasing demands of the access to health care. In this case, an appropriate clinical leadership is a critical skill to optimize effective management of the care in the healthcare setting. The significance of an active clinical guidance is to facilitate an extended quality of health care system that regularly offers innocuous as well as well-organized healthcare. As such, any health care institution should incorporate clinical leadership to the boldest extent. Also, all the obstacles that provide against effective clinical leadership will be looked. This strategy to overcome such barriers guarantees the quality of clinical leadership in the healthcare system. This paper will discuss the quality of clinical leadership in the healthcare system. Healthcare Leadership Presentation Project Papers.


Overview of Microsystem

An overview of the microsystem involves my capacity to serve in the healthcare system as a cardiothoracic surgeon. As such, I attend to patients who suffer from cardiac failure. To achieve full capacity in my area of service, I developed a team that entails the physician assistant, cardiothoracic surgeon, percussionist, physician assistant, anesthesiologist, the scrub nurse as well as the primary care physician that plays a key role in the cardiac failure medication. There have been increased cases of heart failures and thus, schematic education is necessary to deal with the rampant and increasing cardiac failure. It also provided a key pathway to counter the knowledge gap and increase the limited cardiac diagnosis services in cardiac failure medication

Essentially, understanding the pathophysiology of cardiac failure is a broad course that tends to illustrate the causes of heart failure from mild to acute infection. The process uncovers the development of the cardiac failure and thus, it is essential for the clinical leaders to be well acquainted with this knowledge to prompt quality care on the disorder. In addition, the knowledge about the signs and symptoms of the cardiac failure is key as it influences the type of medication that is provided to the patients. Furthermore, the diagnostic tests, as well as the current evidence-based healthcare, should be highly pursued by the clinical leadership in order to determine the process of heart failure of the patient in the organization. In respect to this, the use of the electrocardiograph substantially helps in determining the heart rhythm problems. In line, the section provides alternatives medical therapies that play a vital role in the treatment and diagnosis of heart failure.

The microsystems in our cardiac diagnosis clinic involve patients who first encounter the scrub nurse who then plays a role of giving direction on the most appropriate centers where the operation of their heart failure condition will be done. The scrub nurse is assumed to have ideal communication and interaction skills that establish a necessary rapport with the clients in the first place. In particular, the scrub nurses enlighten the patients with the overall health awareness, and their presence is critical in improving the perception of the nurses to increase better health services (Skinner& Spurgeon, 2005). Immediately after the client is directed to the best place operation which is well-equipped with appropriate surgery equipment’s, he or she is subjected to the treatment. However, the treatment process is done after thorough diagnosis. Healthcare Leadership Presentation Project Papers.

Our clinical leadership structure begins with the patient upwards.Each management level system is responsible for distinct roles in the organization. In the same microsystem, effective communication is fully incorporated to ensure that there are patient justice and understanding of the organization working to the broad extent. Under the clinical leadership segment of our microsystem, the theory Y leadership style is fully adopted. Decision-making process in the microsystem is inclusive in that the patients are also involved in the entire decision-making process.

Pressing concerns of the parties and clients may also be submitted through the suggestion box which helps to shape and improve healthcare service delivery as well as the management style in the organization. Effective communication as embraced by our microsystem facilitates sharing of information and the sound interrelationship between the leadership and patients. In real life, the federal laws are largely employed to influence how healthcare funds are utilized. Similarly, the federal laws are also crucial in enhancing the quality of the healthcare. Equality in the delivery of the healthcare services in the health care system is a vital process in achieving positive outcome and quality in the process (Schwamm et al, 2017). As such, clinical leaders are entitled to have the information about the federal laws to facilitate quality medication.The common barriers include cost, insufficient equipment, and limited expertise personnel which causes a disproportion between the clinicians and the patients. Barriers arising from the leadership changes include communication obstacles, changes in management, shifts goals setting techniques as well as the leadership changes. Healthcare Leadership Presentation Project Papers.

Solutions to the Barriers

To overcome the barriers to quality treatment of heart failure, robust interventions that advocate for advancing medication are an ideal necessity in the lengthy process. In the case of massive costs that are involved in the healthcare services, developing or implementing prudent mechanisms that provide for strategies which offer solutions to financial constraints is crucial. In the case, the patient comes from different socio-economic backgrounds and thus putting in place post-discharge initiative is one way that minimizes issues that are associated with the costs. How so, please explain this further. Employing the federal laws in the manner to influence and control expenditure on the purchase of the surgical equipment’s will also be an appropriate way to go about with cost barriers. This can be done by coming up with budgets to control amount of money used. However, devising the out-patients as well as primary care is another way of minimizing the cost barriers in the microsystem context.  On the side, it will be prudent if patients adopt co-insurance policies that facilitate the payment of the costs that accrue because of cardiac heart failure operations. Healthcare Leadership Presentation Project Papers.

In regard to the barriers provided by the limited expertise personnel who lead to the lower number of the clinicians attending to the many cases reported to the healthcare facility, it is essential to put more emphasis on training and education of the staff among other related health caregivers. As such, the healthcare system should develop education and training programs that increase the volume of clinicians that can attend to the massive enrollment of patients with cardiac heart failure. Also, the strategy of education and training in holisticenhances appropriate communication skills for all the parties from the top clinical leadership to the nurses. As a result, it will increase patient’s satisfaction and also provide confidence of the patients towards the medication.

As a surgeon, I will also be imparted with motivational strategies that I will use in my operation course. It is worth noting that training and education serve multiple roles apart from just increasing the number of healthcare givers in the healthcare system. It provides knowledge that is prudent in the out-patients and primary care. This has facilitated quality achievement in the healthcare system to the more significant extent. Recent research survey posits that patients that are taken care of within a specialized cardiac clinical promote a healthier and well-embellished management of patient behavior and actions as well as medication adherence. Also, the broad course of training and education is also significant in the management process. In respect to this, it provided patients with the multifaceted care group which gives a full capacity of attending to all the needs of the patients at their disposal. In brief, education, and training enhance overcoming of barriers that are provided by the communication styles, changing the management and even operation barriers within the health care system.As a result of a shift in the management operation barriers can be substituted by enhancing theory Y leadership style and transformational leadership to increase the effectiveness of the health center. Healthcare Leadership Presentation Project Papers.

Through facilitating transformational leadership style, we will promote the bold goals of the organizations to the most significant extent. As such, the clinical leadership that values this kind of leadership style will choose to compel the health caregivers to work towards the achievement of the common goal of the health caregiver to the most extreme extent. Such kind will initiate rules and provisions that are common to the health center changes and management. This kind of leadership, when not altered, will put in place rules of utilization of corporate equipment’s that makes the staff members achieve success in their level of management. In addition, there will be active communication pathways in place.

Health-Promotion Activity

The health-promotion activity that I recommend includes the community-health promotion. The reason why I chose on the health-promotion activity as aforementioned is because it involves the primary prevention that is patient-centered. It is also attributed to be integrated and comprehensive and it can be carried outside the healthcare setting. It is population-based and targets a broad spectrum of people in the society (Jastrzebska & Brzozka, 2018). In essence, this kind of health-promotion activity puts into consideration massive communication campaigns on better methods of preventing cardiac failure or advice on the proper ways to go about with the issue.More importantly, the activity puts into account community leaders, social networks,and education.

Leadership Style

The best clinical leadership style that I will recommend to improve the client’s results within the entire microsystem is the transformational leadership. Transformational leadership helps the healthcare system to implement policies that will turn and direct efforts in the direction of high-quality achievement (Skinner& Spurgeon, 2005). The transformational leader is attributed with proper communication and ability to influence and inspire workers to devote efforts towards the goals of the healthcare facility. Healthcare Leadership Presentation Project Papers.

Evaluation Plan

To ensure the effectiveness of my recommendation, I will use a balanced scorecard by looking at various contextual standpoints. First, I will observe the customer perspective and measure if I have achieved patient’s satisfaction. I will also look at the internal business perspective and put in place internal operations that are directed towards satisfying the patients. From the financial point of view, I will assess the benefits in terms of profits by preparing income and loss account(Bergeron, 2017).




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Healthcare Leadership Presentation Project Papers.

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