Health Reform Strategy in Vermont Essay

Health Reform Strategy in Vermont Essay


Today, the health care sector passes through the stage of its reforming. Numerous attempts to improve the situation are performed. The fact is that the current state of the sector remains far from perfect. The state of the nation deteriorates every year, and threatening tendencies could be observed. Additionally, the price of health care services and their affordability remains one of the main issues that are constantly discussed. Many individuals are still not able to obtain the needed care and suffer from health problems. For this reason, the attempts to reform the system seem quite obvious, and different states across the USA introduce their measures and policies that are expected to improve the situation and assist people in their recovery.Health Reform Strategy in Vermont Essay

Vermont Reform

For instance, Vermont states reform could be considered one of the above-mentioned approaches to enhance the situation and make the health care sector more efficient. In 2011 the government of the state introduced the law that created the basis for the development of a state-level single-payer health care system (Murphy, 2016). By this regulation, all residents of the state obtained a unique opportunity to receive universal care coverage and technological improvement to the system that has already been explored within the healthcare (Murphy, 2016). The given reform could be considered a crucial step in the creation of a new environment and improvement of the state of the nations health.Health Reform Strategy in Vermont Essay


The main rationale for the adoption of the given approach was the significant deterioration of the main showings and the decreased affordability of care in the region. Besides, by the statistics, a significant part of Vermonters was not able to receive care coverage or explore the newest technologies in the sphere (Murphy, 2016). It could not but have a great pernicious impact on peoples health and their attitude to healthcare (Roy, 2014). The need for change became obvious, and the state had to create an efficient method to eliminate the problem and enhance the current situation. In this regard, the reform was a result of the deterioration of the situation in the region and the need for health coverage for certain social groups.Health Reform Strategy in Vermont Essay


For this reason, the law was adopted by the state legislature. In 2010 the State Legislature allowed the state of Vermont to establish a commission to study the most problematic issues in health care and create the most efficient approach that could help to improve the situation (Roy, 2014). Later on, the policy proposal was presented to the government. The bill passed the House on March 24, 2011, and was signed on May 26 (Roy, 2014).



The main funds needed to sponsor the law and assure that its main goals would be achieved were given by the local budget. Additionally, the alteration in the taxation policy was expected to provide the needed amount of money. However, the financing lacked details and some other important aspects.Health Reform Strategy in Vermont Essay


The response to the law was not as positive as it had been expected. Caregivers were afraid that they would not be able to find the needed sources and provide patients with innovative care. Moreover, the amount of scrutiny on the billing also increased (Murphy, 2016). At the same time, some positive results were also obtained as patients were able to obtain the needed care. Altogether, the reform failed because of several reasons; however, it also demonstrated the need for new approaches.Health Reform Strategy in Vermont Essay


Murphy, P. (2016). Bernie Sanders’s single-payer health care plan failed in Vermont. Daily Beast.

Roy, A. (2014). Six reasons why Vermont’s single-payer health plan was doomed from the start. Forbes. Health Reform Strategy in Vermont Essay

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