Geog 2075 Geographic Information Systems Research Project Paper.

Geog 2075 Geographic Information Systems Research Project Paper.

Geog 2075 Geographic Information Systems

GIS Term Research Project


Select a GIS topic to research.  This can be any subject that utilizes either GIS or Geospatial Technology.  Review the ESRI weblink for ideas any GIS source you choose. Geog 2075 Geographic Information Systems Research Project Paper.

You will complete a 12-15 slide presentation on your research and present it to the class. Please include the following:


  1. Clearly identify the selected research area and an indepth overview of the topic.
  2. Why did you select this topic? How can it benefit you?
  3. Provide actual examples of the research using GIS. Please include maps, charts and relevant statistics.
  4. Provide at least 3 separate sources for the project research
  5. What have you learned from the research? List and explain 5 key points.


Research Project Extra Credit:Up to 5 points of extra credit will be awarded if you actually try using a GIS software or GIS Web application to enhance your research.  These can include such products as ArcGIS, Reefmapper or any other interactive GIS application that you stumble on in your research.   Special consideration will be given by:


  • Creating new data
  • Manipulating the data
  • Creating a map
  • Performing analysis.


Term Project Proposal: Due 8/28/17



Name ____________________________________   Term _________________



Project Title ______________________________________________________



Project Concept (Please provide a detailed description of your project concept.



Geog 2075 Geographic Information Systems Research Project Paper.

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