Facilitation of Adult Instruction Essay.

Facilitation of Adult Instruction Essay.


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Guideline Discussion on Facilitation of Instruction to Adult Learners

  • What does it takes to be a good facilitator?

A facilitator is some someone who plans, guides and manage a group setting to ensure the learning objectives are met effectively. The facilitator ensures that learner’s needs are met by encouraging participation through harnessing critical thinking skills.Facilitation of Adult Instruction Essay.

Discussed the facilitation Process according to MacKeracher (2004):- Strategies – Directing, Enabling and Collaborating.

Others things to including in the discussion when answering the question

  • Look at what has to be learned
  • Look at who the learners are
  • Setting of the learning activities

The central focus is looking at what is to be learned  and meeting the needs of the learner.Facilitation of Adult Instruction Essay.

Provide examples of class, workshops or training that you have attended

Examples of great or not so great


  • What skills do you need to possess?
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Excellent Interpersonal skills
  • Listening – Covey (1990) believes that listening is one of the skill most essential for effective communication.Facilitation of Adult Instruction Essay.
  • Paraphrasing
  • Describing behaviour
  • Describing feeling

Talk about The seven Principles of Masterful Facilitation  by Nina Coil

  1. Be Courageous
  2. Be a role model
  3. Balance flexibility and responsibility
  4. Make it yours
  5. Focus on application Link it to the business
  • How does the learning cycles influence the instructional approach
  • Finally: What does facilitating learning mean to you?

Facilitation of Adult Instruction Essay.

Discussion on Facilitation of Instruction to Adult Learners


What does it take to be a good facilitator?

In order to meet the learning objectives effectively, the facilitator must posses some skills which are vital in the overall group setting management as well as enhancing the whole learning process.Facilitation of Adult Instruction Essay. As such, the facilitator issomeone who plans, guides and manages a group setting to ensure the learning objectives are met effectively. The facilitator on their side must ensure that the learner’s needs are met by encouraging participation through harnessing critical thinking skills. Communication of clear guidelines and instructions, as well as creation of an inclusive learning environment provides room for consensus building which enables the learners and the facilitator to engage in a conflict free environment that is conducive for the learners to engage in an active learning process, as well as enabling the facilitator to effectively manage the group and participate in active listening, evaluation and follow-up that are vital in the overall learning process (Pying& Rashid,2014).Facilitation of Adult Instruction Essay.

According to MacKeracher(2004), a good facilitator must be in a position to determine the beliefs, intentions and actions of the involved learners in order to decide on the methodology application in a group setting through the use of a strategy. The strategies may include directing, enabling as well as collaborating. For the application of each strategy, the facilitator should be in a position to establish what works best for each of the learners as all the strategies might produce different results at different stages of their application. The facilitator thus has to take into consideration elements such as what has to be learned, the learner’s level of understanding, as well as the learning activity settings. (MacKeracher,2004) This will greatly determine the best way to engage the learners and as well, the application of the best strategy to facilitate the overall learning process. The central focus for a facilitator is to look at what is to be learned and meeting the needs of the learner, despite their dynamic nature of understanding and coping up with the whole learning process.Facilitation of Adult Instruction Essay.

Facilitator Skills

A facilitator is an important pillar in the overall learning process and therefore they must posses’ certain skills that are vital, especially in the determination of the relationship they have with the learners and the overall management of the learning process. The facilitator first must posse’s effective communication and interpersonal skills that will enable them to pass the intended information effectively and in the right channel and manner(Pying & Rashid, 2014).Facilitation of Adult Instruction Essay. Furthermore, the facilitator must be an active listener, who balances on when to engage in a conversation and giving out the chance for self explanatory and freedom of airing ideas. Their approach must be courageous reflecting a good role model to the learners with a visible balance of flexibility and responsibility. Finally, the facilitator behavior and feelings must exhibit control and should be admirable to the learners, as well as other staffs within the learning facilities(Pying & Rashid, 2014).Facilitation of Adult Instruction Essay.

The Learning Cycles Influence on the Instructional Approach

The learning cycle process involves the facilitators use of science concepts that best fits the learners’ needs. The learning cycles can influence the instructional approach in that it may determine the interaction approach through which facilitators may enable learners to prepare, absorb, capture and review ideas during the learning process (McFadzean,2002). The instructional approach thus is dictated by the level of understanding of the learner as well as the learning cycle stage where the facilitator decides on which instructional approach best fits the situation at hand.Facilitation of Adult Instruction Essay.

Facilitating Learning

Facilitating learning in my view means the freedom of an open learning process where learners take control of their learning experience with a room for making vital decisions that involve the whole learning process. This entails the facilitator providing support and guidelines as well as resources that enable the learners to establish a sense of responsibility and setting their own objectives that are geared towards enabling a smooth learning process. Furthermore, facilitating learning encourages independence, establishes critical thinking and enables a comprehensive understanding among the learners.Facilitation of Adult Instruction Essay.

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