ENT 435: Innovation Capability Essay

ENT 435: Innovation Capability Essay

Two things that I would personally do within the next two years to further my innovation capability

The two things I would personally do within the next two years to further develop my innovation capability is learninginnovation skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking skills and building on my communication skills.  As opposed to what many people think, innovation is not essentially a natural-born capability.  Similar to several other disciplines, innovation needs practice. The two major elements one needs to build innovation skills is the capability to critically think and solve problems. ENT 435: Innovation Capability Essay. As the National Academy of Engineering (2015) indicate, being creative is essential is fundamental for, and enhances innovation.   The ability to solve problems is essential in innovationbecause innovators become frustrated after coming across setbacksand theyconsistently contemplate ways of improving all things they encounter. Practicing innovation skills will open up novel avenue for being creative and also offer me a structured and well-balanced way of thinking.


 Building on my communication skills is essential because innovations are not successful if the proposal effectively communicated to the decision-makers. Thus, the capability to clearly communicate ideas is a sure benefit because innovation needs communication amid executives, team members and at times with consumers and firms outside your company. ENT 435: Innovation Capability Essay. Communicators who are effective have the capability of going beyond offering explanations about technical facts and features of novel products. Rather, they narrate a story, while emphasizing on features. Storytelling, contrary to a prescribed description is a more engaging communication scheme and one can practice and improve it with time. As alleged by the National Academy of Engineering (2015),  the capability to communicate an individual’s ideas in an inspiring and clear manner is important and vital for innovators, who are usually engaged in teamwork.   The majority of successful innovators are excellent at providing explanations about their idea.  Even if one comes up with a good idea but is bad at explaining it, this person will not get very far. ENT 435: Innovation Capability Essay


The National Academy of Engineering. (2015). Educate to Innovate: Factors That Influence Innovation: Based on Input from Innovators and Stakeholders. Washington, D.C.:The National Academies Press.

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