Dealcoholized Red Wine’s Role in Cardiology Essay

Dealcoholized Red Wine’s Role in Cardiology Essay


The article by Chiva-Blanch et al. (2012) focuses on the health issues that are associated with the consumption of red wine. The hypothesis stated by authors was the following: red wine’s polyphenolic content may positively affect the protective functions of the cardiovascular system. In the course of the study, it was stated that the mentioned assumption is ambiguous as the evidence shows both positive and adverse effects of red wine. After the accurate and comprehensive analysis, it was concluded that the hypothesis expressed by the scholars is correct. To illustrate their conclusions, they provide tables, figures, and other statistical information that clearly demonstrates that the impact of dealcoholized wine reduces systolic and diastolic blood pressure if consumed moderately. Dealcoholized Red Wine’s Role in Cardiology Essay

Evaluation of Research Methods

In order to introduce the topic, the authors point out that several studies show that moderate alcohol consumption makes some beneficial effects on the human organism. Nonetheless, the literature review is not provided. Perhaps, it is associated with the fact that they wanted to focus on the experimental part of the study. In spite of the lack of the literature review in the text of the article, the authors provide the convincing reference list of applicable peer-reviewed articles, supporting their research with evidence. Analyzing and interpreting the presented article, one might note that it is quite relevant to modern health issues. Many people tend to consume alcohol in different amounts, yet few of them are aware of either potential benefit or harm of it. On the one hand, people believe that red wine consumption has a favorable effect on the activity of the cardiovascular system by dilating blood vessels, lowering bad cholesterol, and preventing the development of atherosclerosis. On the other hand, the opponents of red wine consumption argue that it may lead to alcohol abuse and the reduction of one’s health state. In this connection, the study initiated by Chiva-Blanch et al. (2012) can help in identifying the mentioned points that, in their turn, would be interesting and advantageous both for health experts and average readers.Dealcoholized Red Wine’s Role in Cardiology Essay

The article under analysis is a randomized controlled trial that was conducted with the help of the Online Data Supplement. This type of research is one of the most accurate ways to identify cause-and-effect relationships between the treatment and the outcome of the disease as well as determine the cost-effectiveness of the treatment. Considering that the key purpose of the study was to detect the effects, such a type of research seems to be quite appropriate. The sample includes 73 men at risk of cardiovascular disease the health statuses of which were assessed according to the indicators of oscillometer and other medical equipment. The selected number of respondents seem to be sufficient and significant to provide the research. The fact that these people are at high risk of hypertension also proves their applicability. At the same time, it should be noted that all the participants of the trial are aged between 55 and 75 years – the group that is the most subjected to blood pressure problems. To prove their point of view, the authors present a systematic description of what actually happened to the respondents’ health indicators throughout the study. In particular, they compare red wine with alcohol, gin, and dealcoholized red wine.Dealcoholized Red Wine’s Role in Cardiology Essay

Speaking of the practical side of the research, it is important to emphasize that the key achievement is the fact that the authors distinguish between the effects of three drinks, including red wine with alcohol, gin, and dealcoholized red wine. Concluding that the first two of them have little or sometimes even no effect on human health while the latter affects significantly, they clearly identify a certain border for those who prefer drinking the mentioned beverages. In other words, the study evidently shows whether the beverage would benefit human organism or not. The authors claim that the results of the research may be applied to dietary nutrition and pressure regulation. In my opinion, it seems that such an application can benefit people with high blood pressure in case of moderate consumption. Taking into account that the study is based on a scholar approach and evidence-based methods, there is no doubt that the results are correct.Dealcoholized Red Wine’s Role in Cardiology Essay


The moderate intake of red wine on a regular basis can be considered as sufficient. It is now unlikely that anyone would argue that a small amount of red wine brings some benefit to a person. For example, after drinking one glass in the morning, one would receive a good mood and energy for the whole day. The essential oils and esters contained in red wine improve the tone of the nervous system and reduce high blood pressure. It is also a convincing argument that red wine with alcohol does not considerably affect health status. Meanwhile, it is stated that the dietary element of polyphenols the existence of which was studies by the authors can be detected in fruits and vegetables. Accordingly, it is possible to suggest that future studies, exploring the extent to which various products that contain polyphenols may affect blood pressure, will be useful. They are likely to provide both theoretical and practical information on the topic.Dealcoholized Red Wine’s Role in Cardiology Essay

 Speaking of the potential development of the research, another thing worth turning one’s attention is the fact that the results of this study cannot be generalized to other types of wine as it embraces only red wine and gin that contain alcohol. Therefore, the prospective studies may explore the effects of white wine, for example. Another prospective research may concern a range of other effects of red wine, impacting gastric and intestinal diseases. It is widely accepted that resveratrol, one more element that is considered as beneficial to human health, exerts anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory effects and lowers blood sugar levels. While the global market actively offers food supplements with resveratrol, some scientists support its use, and others argue that it is useless. In my point of view, there is a need to initiate one more study to evaluate the mentioned element of red wine, involving both non-alcohol and alcohol types.

Analyzing the procedural flows of the study, one may note the lack of proper literature review. It seems important to explain to the readers what was done on the topic and what should be discovered. One more improvement may be related to the writing style that is presented in the article. It goes without saying that writing is clear and understandable, yet the results of the study seem to be described poorly. It would be better if the authors provided a more detailed explanation so that the average readers may also clearly understand it. Besides, it seems to be of great importance to repeatedly pay attention to the fact that the beneficial properties of red wine manifest themselves only while using it in limited doses. If the rate of consumption is high, then it becomes dangerous. Indeed, in addition to nutrients, red wine contains alcohol, which affects not only the physical condition but also the human psychological state.Dealcoholized Red Wine’s Role in Cardiology Essay


To conclude, it is possible to note that the goal stated by the authors was achieved as they provided a reader with the useful and comprehensible information. The analysis of data that was made by the authors can be proved. It could not be easily argued and denied as there is evidence of it being based on credible research. In this connection, the information presented in the article appears to be accurate and trustworthy. It is a rather useful article, allowing to understand the impact of red wine. The fact that this beverage is widely used in my environment, it is beneficial to know about the potential effects. Meanwhile, there is an increasingly growing tendency of transition from alcohol-containing beverages to their non-alcohol versions. For instance, plenty of people prefer drinking alcohol-free beer or wine to enjoy their taste and avoid a potentially negative impact. In this connection, the importance of this study cannot be overestimated. The article provides essential grounds for prospective studies in the field of human health and alcohol.Dealcoholized Red Wine’s Role in Cardiology Essay


Chiva-Blanch, G., Urpi-Sarda, M., Ros, E., Arranz, S., Valderas-Martinez, P., Casas, R.,… Estruch, R. (2012). Dealcoholized red wine decreases systolic and diastolic blood pressure and increases plasma nitric oxide: Short communication. Circulation Research, 111(8), 1065-1068. Dealcoholized Red Wine’s Role in Cardiology Essay

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