Cyber ; Weekly And Discussion Papers.

Cyber ; Weekly And Discussion Papers.


Prepare a 300-word Group discussion post in response to the following: The authors of “The Virtue of War” assert that the government has a responsibility to protect their citizens (i.e., the people of God) from unjust internal and/or external aggression. What responsibilities do corporate entities (e.g., Target, Bank of America, Google, etc.) have? What is this based on? What options are available to them, and what legal restrictions hamper them? What issues prevent their more fully cooperating with the Federal government? Your response should reflect information you synthesized from this week’s readings.Cyber ; Weekly And Discussion Papers.



Choose a topic for your Final Paper, and complete the Week 1 assignment: Explain why you selected the topic and include a theological statement. (250 – 350 Words)

Some suggested topics are listed here, but you may propose others as well:

  • The potential impact (positive, negative, both) of cybercrime (or cyber espionage, or cyber warfare) on society, the economy, or on Christianity.
  • Long-term implications of the increasing dependence on constant and immediate interconnectedness (i.e., use of smart phones) on families, society in general, the economy, or Christianity.Cyber ; Weekly And Discussion Papers.
  • Long-term implications of the increasing dependence on technical oligarchies (Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc.) on society, the economy or Christianity.
  1. Final Project – There is a research paper for this course. We will work on the sections of this paper in our weekly assignments. APA format will be followed for all writing submissions. The topics to select from are provided as questions starting in the Course Schedule section of this syllabus. For this assignment, the student is to select one topic, and then for the next seven weeks write and research about the topic selected. You may select a topic from those listed, or propose a different topic. Each week, you will work on the assignment building out the paper. At the end of seven weeks, you will have a research paper which you will submit for the eighth week in a Word Document. You are to provide citations and have a minimum of 2 citations per week. These citations must be from peer-reviewed works (Journals, Books, Government/Industry Papers, Master’s and Doctoral Dissertations).Here are weekly assignments for the Final Paper items to address for each week:
  2. Week 1 – Select your topic. Explain why you selected the topic and include a theological statement. (250 – 350 Words)Cyber ; Weekly And Discussion Papers.
  3. Week 2 – What are the key issues about the topic you selected? (250 – 350 Words)
  4. Week 3 – Discuss your topic as it relates to the role of the US government. (250 – 350 Words)
  5. Week 4 – Discuss your topic as it relates to the responsibilities of the individuals who are involved in creating the technology. (250 – 350 Words)
  6. Week 5 – Discuss your topic as it relates to the role of the corporations involved in creating the technology. (250 – 350 Words)
  7. Week 6 – Discuss your topic as it relates to the behavior of individual bconsumers. (250 – 350 Words)
  8. Week 7 – What are the most serious future issues to be concerned with babout your topic? (250 – 350 Words)
  9. Week 8 – Finalize your paper, develop an introduction and conclusion for the bpaper. Check for APA correctness, reference page, and grammar. Submit byour paper. (2,000 – 2,500 Words)Required Reading:

    “Virtue of War”, Chapters 2, 6

    “Terrorism & Its Civilized Discontent ”

    “Opinion: Why distinguishing moral injury from PTSD is important “Cyber ; Weekly And Discussion Papers.

    “‘Cybervandalism’ or ‘Digital acts of war’?  America’s muddled approach to cyber incidents won’t deter more crises ”

    “White House says US will retaliate against Russia ”

    “What Options Does the US Have After Accusing Russia of Hacks ”

    “The DoD Cyber Strategy ” – Introduction section

    “US Still Has No Definition for Cyber Act of War”

    “Military, Feds train alongside private companies to defend American infrastructure from cyber threats”

    “Inside the Pentagon’s secretive preparations for a ‘cyber 9/11 ”

    “U.S. Cyber Command Chief on What Threats to Fear the Most ”

    “Pentagon Mobilizes Military Hackers Against Islamic State ”

    “Command and Control Vulnerabilities to Communications Jamming ”

    “NATO Weighs Making Cyber Wartine Domain”

    “Cyberspace: A new front-line fight for NATO ”

    “Russian government hackers penetrate DNC; steal opposition research on Trump ”

    “Iran-Saudi tensions erupt in ‘cyberwar’ ”

    “Cyber-Allies: Strengths and Weaknesses of NATO’s Cyberdefense Posture ”

    “Does God Do Cyberwarfare?

Cyber ; Weekly And Discussion Papers.

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