Culture and Leadership Discussion Paper.

Culture and Leadership Discussion Paper.

After completing the reading this week, we reflect on a few key concepts this week:

  1. Discuss what power in the context of leadership is and how it relates to bullying within organizations.  Also note how this impacts productivity.
  2. Discuss what organizational culture is and how it impacts work productivity.  Also, note how organizational culture impacts the success of innovation implementation.Culture and Leadership Discussion Paper.
  3. How does culture impact leadership? Can culture be seen as a constraint on leadership?

At least one scholarly (peer-reviewed) resource should be used in the initial discussion thread.

Every organization has its own culture. And I’m not referring to the kind you find in a cup of yogurt.

Rather than recite an esoteric definition, which would sound like gobbledygook anyway, let’s consider the ingredients of culture in layman’s terms.


The culture of any social unit includes group norms, shared perceptions, espoused values, and consensus around goals and objectives.

Culture includes the way people interact with each other, how they solve problems, and how they justify themselves.

Culture includes artifacts like furniture (metal desks versus mahogany) and physical layout (bullpen versus corner office with a view).Culture and Leadership Discussion Paper.

In summary, culture could be described as “the way we get stuff done around here.”

I’ve worked with a lot of organizations that seem to regard culture as important. In one place I might ask “Why do you do things the way you do them here?” People will recite their espoused values and say something like “We’re very informal here because we believe in teamwork and open communication.” Then I go to another place—in the very same industry supposedly operating by the same regulations—and someone will tell me “We’re very tightly structured, here. We play strictly by the rules. We don’t talk much. We just do as we’re told.”

Different strokes for different folks.

Of course having “rules” doesn’t necessarily mean that people follow them. I’ve seen sincere and earnest people pull little cards out of their pockets and read off the values they profess to embrace. But then I’ve noticed that their behaviors and artifacts don’t square with the professed values.Culture and Leadership Discussion Paper.

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