Conducting a Key Informant Interview.

Conducting a Key Informant Interview.


Attached, same and instructions, my town is West Pittston PA, you can call and interview in Wilkes Barre PA or Scranton,,

Please interview actual people, in case…Conducting a Key Informant Interview.


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Conducting a Key Informant Interview in West Pittston, PA 18643

Interviews were conducted with two resected healthcare professionals working in the West Pittston area to get an insight into the most common health problems that they encounter with the community (Nies & McEwen, 2019). They were found to be most suited to provide information on the state of community health in West Pittston because they have practiced in the area for long. This is an analysis of the two 20-minute phone interviews conducted with them on 9/10/2020.Conducting a Key Informant Interview.

Dr. Joseph Francis Radzwilka, DO

Dr. Radzwilka is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) specialized in family medicine and general practice. He is engaged in private practice at 901 Wyoming Avenue, West Pittston, PA 18643. He has practiced in the community for more than 20 years and is affiliated with Wilkes Barre General Hospital amongst others. Asked about the age bracket of the patients he sees most, the doctor replied that it is definitely senior adults above the age of 60 years.Conducting a Key Informant Interview. This correlates well with the epidemiological data that shows West Pittston has a large senior adult population above the age of 65 in the region of 21% (United States Census Bureau, 2018). He went ahead to state that many of these seniors suffer from chronic lifestyle health conditions, especially high blood pressure (hypertension) and elevated blood cholesterol (Hammer & McPhee, 2018). He also stressed that there is a significant problem of lack of physical activity among the adult population in West Pittston, a situation that continued into senior years and affected health at that age. He said that to make healthcare more accessible and affordable for most of the seniors he treats, he ventured into telehealth services.Conducting a Key Informant Interview. This way he offers consultations and follow-up via a special telemedicine platform with the patient remaining at home. For others he even uses Zoom. This was informed by the fact that there is a high percentage of older citizens in West Pittston who live alone. He therefore connects them with trained home care aides or certified nursing assistants (CNAs) who then help them implement the telemedicine orders at home (J.F. Radzwilka, personal communication, October 9, 2020).Conducting a Key Informant Interview.

Asked about any other significant health problem affecting the community of West Pittston, Dr. Radzwilka responded that there is a worrying number of deaths caused by accidents in the community. He mentioned accidents, heart disease, and cancer as the leading causes of death in the West Pittston community he has served for over 20 years. As a matter of fact, he stated that accidental deaths exceeded the national benchmarks and averages.Conducting a Key Informant Interview. Asked on the possible root causes of this, he stated that most of the accident cases he handles are due to drunk driving or DUI. He also said that there is a high prevalence of drug abuse – especially cannabis and alcohol – among students which is also a contributory factor. Lastly, he was asked about the level of access to healthcare in the community. He stated that luckily, the percentage of those who are insured in West Pittston exceeds both state and national averages (J.F. Radzwilka, personal communication, October 9, 2020).Conducting a Key Informant Interview.

Chelsea Lynn Lopatka, FNP-C

The second resource person interviewed for information on the health status of the community of West Pittston was a certified Family Nurse Practitioner by the name Chelsea Lynn Lopatka. She works at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center at 1000 E Mountain Dr Wilkes Barre, PA. As a family nurse practitioner, Lopatka treats all types of illnesses and injuries for all across the lifetime.Conducting a Key Informant Interview. Asked about the health problems she sees affecting the young people (teenagers and young adults) in this community, she pointed out that a major problem is obesity in this population demographic. She informed the author that obesity rates among students in West Pittston are higher than the state average for Pennsylvania. Particularly, she said that teenagers of the small minority population of African Americans, Hispanics, and mixed race demographics were disproportionately affected. She connected this to the high prevalence rate of type II diabetes that she sees in young adults in the community. The diabetes prevalence rate, she said, exceeded that of the state and the nation (C.L. Lopatka, personal communication, October 9, 2020).Conducting a Key Informant Interview.

Asked about any other notable health problem affecting teenagers in the West Pittston community that she serves, she stated that she has seen a rise in teenage pregnancies and births lately. Actually, she said the rate of teen births exceeds both state and national benchmarks. She also said that mental health issues are a big concern among teenagers in the community. Particularly, she referred to an increase in suicides with rates surpassing state and national averages. She also said she sees many cases of drug overdoses that result in mortality among this population (C.L. Lopatka, personal communication, October 9, 2020).Conducting a Key Informant Interview.

From the above two interviews, the main theme that emerged was that of the need for community health promotion in behavioral matters and mental health. There is also need for education on the importance of lifestyle changes for better health. This is work that will require close and careful planning by the public health nurse in consultation with opinion leaders in the community.         Conducting a Key Informant Interview.

Real World Experiences to Accompany Virtual Clinical Experiences (VCEs)



Community Key Informant Interview – 6 hours Clinical Equivalency


  1. This real-world experience should be completed following the completion of the Real-World Experience – Community Windshield Survey and Community Needs Assessment.Conducting a Key Informant Interview.



  • Upon completion of this assignment, the student will be able to:
    • identify sources of information about a community’s health.
    • describe the process of conducting a community key informant interview.



  • Applies the public health nursing process to a community, aggregates, individuals, and families.



  • Nies, M. A. & McEwen, M. (2015). Community/Public Health Nursing, 6thElseiver. Chapter 6.


Conducting a Key Informant Interview

Clinical Activity Overview


After completion of the windshield survey and the community needs assessment, you should have enough assessment data to identify actual or potential risk problems in your chosen community.Conducting a Key Informant Interview.


A key informant interview is a qualitative in-depth interview with a person in the community who can provide additional information related to your selected actual or potential problem area. The purpose of the key informant interview is to collect information from someone who has first-hand knowledge about the community. Interviewing this person can provide additional insight on the nature of the problem and give possible recommendations for solutions that you may be able to utilize in your community nursing care plan. The summary should be typed in a Word doc. and uploaded to the NSG 403 Clinical Blackboard Site by Monday, November 9th, 2020 at 11:59 PM.Conducting a Key Informant Interview.





  1. 1. Identify two potential people to interview and research contact information. Most contact information for community agencies can be located on the internet.Conducting a Key Informant Interview.
  2. You may email or phone each person in order to make initial contact. Explain who you are, the purpose of your interview (for scholastic reasons only, the information will not be shared with the general public) and determine their willingness to participate in a 15 – 20-minute interview either face to face, over the phone, or via email questionnaire.Conducting a Key Informant Interview.


Once you have established willing community members and a method for conducting the interviews, you should begin planning the interview. Please consider time in order to keep the interview to no more than 20 mins. This will require pre-planning on specific topics or questions you are seeking information on. You should be taking notes during the interview.Conducting a Key Informant Interview.


Your focus is to gain more information about the community problems you identified, learn more about those problems in the community, the current solutions in place to combat those problems, and any potential suggestions, ideas or recommendations for future solutions.Conducting a Key Informant Interview.


Following the two key informant interviews, you should write up a summary of each interview, including your interview questions and responses, and submit as a Word doc.Conducting a Key Informant Interview.

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