Community Assessment Data Collection Essay.

Community Assessment Data Collection Essay.


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The Windshield survey you did is of WEST PITTSTON PA, this paper 2 pages see attached directions and example is ALSO of West Pittston

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Community Assessment and Data Collection in West Pittston, PA 18643

According to Nies and McEwen (2019), a community is social system and an aggregate of people bound by the common characteristic of living within the same locality. The community of West Pittston in Pennsylvania is majority Caucasian at 98.4%. The town occupies an area of 0.8 square miles next to the Susquehanna River with a total current population of 4,772 inhabitants. Male residents are 2,280 or 47.8% while female inhabitants are 2,492 or 52.2%. The population of children below 5 years is only 4.7% while that of teenagers aged between 15 and 19 years is 5.7%. However the number of the elderly is quite high and significant in this community at a whopping 21% (United States Census Bureau, 2018). There are enough commercial entities in the area (for instance, ELC Manufacturing; Garden Village Interiors, Hughes Garage, Wolf Specialties Corporation; and IMagine it-Beyond Home Decor amongst others). The unemployment rate in West Pittston Borough is very low at a percentage of just 3.9%, with the median household income being $66,772. This household income is higher than the national average of the United States which is $61,372. The per capita income in the community is $29,092. This is lower than the national GDP per capita for the United States which stands at $65,112. Majority of the residents in this community of West Pittston work in education, health, and social services (26.1%) as well as retail trade (14.8%). These are percentages of those residents in civilian employment (United States Census Bureau, 2018).Community Assessment Data Collection Essay.

West Pittston Borough is sufficiently urban with enough public amenities. There is a god road network as well as public transport. That means there is no problem with accessing school for the children, accessing work places, and accessing important services such as healthcare and law enforcement. Shops and other outlets where provisions can be bought are all within easy reach.Community Assessment Data Collection Essay.

The MVP Sports Academy in the borough is an indicator that the community takes physical activity and healthy lifestyle behavior seriously. However, because of the significantly high number of older individuals above 65 years there are associated health problems. This age bracket forms 21% of the entire population of West Pittston borough (United States Census Bureau, 2018). There is a high prevalence of chronic conditions associated with old age such as Alzheimer’s Dementia, hypertension, and cardiac disease (Hammer & McPhee, 2018). This means that community health education should concentrate more on secondary prevention in this elderly population group. Luckily, the percentage of those who have got health insurance in this community of West Pittston Borough is quite high at 96.9%. Of these 70.8% are covered by private insurance while 41.8 are covered by Medicare and Medicaid or public healthcare insurance (United States Census Bureau, 2018).Community Assessment Data Collection Essay.

As stated above the population of West Pittston Borough is overwhelmingly Caucasian at 98.4% with a very tiny Black minority forming just 0.7%. Those who are of mixed race make up about 1% of the population. The community is well-served with healthcare facilities which include physician private practice offices. All the residents in the community of West Pittston Borough were born in the United States with no one born in foreign territory. A sizeable number of veterans can also be found in this community as they form 8.3% of the population. Community Assessment Data Collection Essay.

Community Needs Assessment – 6 hours Clinical Equivalency


  1. This real-world experience should be completed following the completion of the Real-World Experience – Community Windshield Survey.



  • Upon completion of this assignment, the student will be able to:
    • identify sources of information about a community’s health.
    • describe the process of conducting a community assessment.



  • Applies the public health nursing process to a community, aggregates, individuals, and families.



  • Nies, M. A. & McEwen, M. (2015). Community/Public Health Nursing, 6thElseiver. Chapter 6, pp. 93 – 105.


Conducting a Community Needs Assessment

Clinical Activity Overview


After completion of the windshield survey of your chosen community, you should continue on with your community assessment by investigating demographic and epidemiological data related to the community’s overall health.Community Assessment Data Collection Essay.


The purpose of this assignment is to identify and describe statistical data related to the overall community as part of the community assessment in the nursing process. Conducting a comprehensive community assessment on demographic and epidemiological data is an essential function of a community or public health nurse and is a necessary step in the development of effective primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention interventions of a community.The summary should be typed in a Word doc. and uploaded to the NSG 403 Clinical Blackboard Site by Monday, October 26th, 2020 at 11:59 PM.Community Assessment Data Collection Essay.





Utilizing the internet, you are to search for information related to the demographics of your chosen community. The following resources should be used as part of your research:Community Assessment Data Collection Essay.

  • S. Census Bureau – this site should provide demographic data including population size, the distribution of age, sex, race, and ethnicity.Community Assessment Data Collection Essay.
  • The American Community Survey – provides data on income, poverty, and occupational factors.
  • Office of Vital Statistics – births, deaths, marriages, divorces, etc.
  • National Center for Health Statistics –

You are to compare the demographic data to the windshield assessment data and identify any attributes which makes the community unique. These attributes should identity the community’s strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, or health risks. For example, a community health nurse may review census data and discover that the area has many elderly people. This knowledge will help direct further assessment of the social resources (elderly apartments, nursing homes, senior living), health resources (hospitals, doctor offices, dentists), transportation (pubic or free), and health problems related to the elderly.Community Assessment Data Collection Essay.


Utilize Table 6-1, pp. 100 -101 and Box 6-3, Box 6-4 p. 102 of the text as a guide/reference.


  1. Following completion of the Community Needs Assessment, write a summary of your findings related to the community in a Word doc.Community Assessment Data Collection Essay.

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