Cinematography in the Film Amelie Essay Paper.

Cinematography in the Film Amelie Essay Paper.

You will write 10 questions with answers about the movie Amelie (2001). A whimsical depiction of contemporary Parisian life, set in Montmartre. It tells the story of a shy waitress who decides to change the lives of those around her for the better, while struggling with her own isolation. The questions focus solely on one chapter only from the book ((Film Art by Bordwell & Thompson (Edition 11)  Chapter 5: The Shot: Cinematography in Fiction Film, plus readings that I will upload you may find the chapter online if you have diffuclty finding it do let me know. Cinematography in the Film Amelie Essay Paper.Plus I will upload a rubric that gives you a look on how the questions will be evaluated.


Role of the questioners:

  • Create questions and answers using chapter keywords, readings, and film
  • Evaluate the presenters on their answers to the questions

Creating the questions:

  • Use the keyword study guide, readings, and film to focus your formation of your questions. These keywords are taken from the chapter.
  • The questions should interact with the film. For example, ask the panel to explain the readings using the film for an example.


  • Submit at least 10 questions and answers through the safe assignment drop box before midnight on the first day of the film screening.
  • The questions should be worded clearly and simply.  Do not use long sentences that can’t be remembered orally. Cinematography in the Film Amelie Essay Paper.
  • The questions should not take a long time to answer for the panel only has a limited time in which to answer.
  • Submit only one set of questions and answers per group.
  • Additionally: Explain one or more of the following: These answers can be found in the film extra readings.

o          Symptomatic Meaning:  The course will include a series of films depicting major social movements. We are looking at the relationships between cultural forms such as film and music and movements for social change in the US from the 1960s to the present. Symptomatic meaning:  would include the values and/or social ideology of the culture (times).


o          Referential meaning:  (film refers to things or places of significance.) This is particularly found in the historical context of the film and music. For this the presenters will discuss the background history of the person/s depicted in the film, and/or the social movement depicted, and/or the cultural context for the year the film is depicting.


o          Explicit:  Openly asserted (Point of the film):


o          Implicit meaning?  Film suggests or implies?

Cinematography in the Film Amelie Essay Paper.

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