Christian View vs. World View on Disasters and Emergencies Essay.

Christian View vs. World View on Disasters and Emergencies Essay.

From a Christian perspective, the identification and assistance provision to communities
and individuals who are affected by disasters are some of the aspects that we learnt from Jesus
irrespective of whether a disaster is man-made or natural. As a result, during times of terror or
tragedy, individuals are urged to embrace servant hood for all humanity and provide assistance
where need may arise (Field & Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 2013). Christian View vs. World View on Disasters and Emergencies Essay.


Besides, the
Christian view on disasters does not blame either man or God for occurrence but emphasizes on
providing relief to those who are injured. In contrast, the world view blames man for the
occurrence of disasters such as through deforestation, poor planning and lack of training (Field &
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 2013). To add on, the world-view often denotes
that disasters are a punishment for failing to meet or honor a specific agreement.
In a community, when a disaster such as a flood occurs, the priorities of the local hospital
by 3-4 days assuming that there would be a progressive flow of casualties would include:
i. Activating the emergency response plans and incident command system for the
purposes of creating a team approach to the incidence.Christian View vs. World View on Disasters and Emergencies Essay.
ii. Preparing for an increase in the number of patients by ensuring that those who
have received medical assistance and are stable are discharged home to create
more room for other casualties.
iii. Progressive collection of information for accuracy in situational awareness to
ensure that proper backup response systems are in place in case of a sudden influx
of patients
iv. Monitoring of resources such as the use and availability of ambulances, medical
equipment, drugs and healthcare staff to ensure that they are adequately supplied
to meet the needs of patients.



Field, C. B., & Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. (2013). Managing the risks of
extreme events and disasters to advance climate change adaptation. New York:
Cambridge University Press.Christian View vs. World View on Disasters and Emergencies Essay.

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