Catholicism and Food Cultures Essay Paper.

Catholicism and Food Cultures Essay Paper.

In this article, Ken Albala (2011) explores food culture with a particular focus on Italy. The key points addressed by the author in the subject matter include major foodstuff, cooking, types of meals, eating out, special occasions, and diet and health. The exploration notes that the popular foodstuffs for the Italians include grains (wheat, corn, and rice). Albala (2011) agrees that these grains form the core of the Italian cuisine. Catholicism and Food Cultures Essay Paper.Wheat is used widely and for making a variety of pastry including pizza, bread, and pasta, among others. From this example, pasta is the staple food in Italy. Traditionally, the role of cooking, as well as overall house chores, were preserved for women. However, increased urbanization, economic development, and migration from rural settings have influenced this aspect and led to division house chores between couples. More so, these factors have led to the disappearance of various dishes that required traditional approach in preparation. Olazione, pranzo, and Cena which translates to breakfast, lunch, and supper are the typical main meals for Italians. Special occasions and eating out also form part of the Italian food culture. In this regard, special occasion foods are primarily influenced by Catholicism, the predominant religion in the region. More so, the relationship between diet and health can be traced back to the 1950s when the Italian population around the Mediterranean focused on food products that promote healthy living.Catholicism and Food Cultures Essay Paper.



The article is an essential reference point in understanding the Italians and their food culture. Albala touches on every aspect of food culture thus providing sufficient, all-around knowledge about the culture and Italian food preferences. What makes the source even more significant is the fact that the concept of food cultures especially in regions rich in culture and history such as Italy remains inadequately unexplored. As such, content of the article on the subject of food culture provide knowledge that can be used for further examination into related trends either within or beyond Italy. The article accommodates more profound information other than the concept of food culture. Catholicism and Food Cultures Essay Paper.Moreover, it brings to the surface some of the contributing factors that influence the Italian culture especially their food as well as eating lifestyles. Albala (2011) mentions religion, particularly Catholicism as the central determinant for food preferences, especially on special occasions. This is long-established when he associates Italian food culture to religion, particularly, Catholicism. It demonstrates how the culture has dramatically changed and outlines the factors responsible for the transition. These shreds of information as provided by the article can be used for various reasons with an excellent example including furthering the literature on the phenomenon in the future. It is a basis for building a robust empirical foundation regarding the subject matter for studies centered on food culture.


“women are usually in charge of the food at home helps to understand the role women play in the Italian culture.” (Albala, 2011 p.210)

“many ceremonies are connected with the Catholic religion, which is still prevalent by far (Albala, 2011 pp.216).”

“various dishes and culinary traditions that require intensive and lengthy preparations are slowly disappearing (Albala, 2011 pp.2011).”

“there was no need of new recipes; the main task was to make the best of the limited resources available (Albala, 2011 pp.2011).”Catholicism and Food Cultures Essay Paper.

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