BUS 661: Global Health Policy and Management Paper.

BUS 661: Global Health Policy and Management Paper.

Introduce material here… Remember, each case study must have the headings listed below and must be answered according to assignment instructions; each heading is worth a percentage of each case grade and this is how your work should be submitted. Your audience is someone like your roommate – intelligent, educated, but has NO IDEA what the case study is about.BUS 661: Global Health Policy and Management Paper.

This section is generally one paragraph. The easiest way to explain this section is to think of it like an abstract or introduction. If written properly, this section can actually serve as the abstract for the paper. It will, in a sense, set up the rest of the paper, which is the review of the case, analysis, recommendations, and the summary and conclusions sections. Remember that you obtained this information from the textbook. Consequently, you should cite Merson, Black, and Mills (2018). You should NOT write “According to the textbook” as your reader has NO IDEA who or what is that.

If there is a second paragraph, it will look like this. The paper should be written in third person narrative and not in the first person. Note: The required headings that must be in the paper are bolded and should be kept bolded. One other note: a business is an “it,” not a “they.” Remember that when you use pronouns describing a business.


Review/Analysis of the Case

In this section, you will briefly describe what you will cover. It should only take a few sentences.

Reasons Overall Health Improvement Might Not Lead to Health Inequity

Note that the heading should not be written as a question. This is where you will answer the question, “Why might overall health improvement in the population not lead to a reduction in health inequity?” You will put your response to the first question here, in essay format.

Common Measures of Social Differences

The heading should not be written as a question or that you are asking questions within the paper. This is where you will answer the question, “What are the most common measures of social differences? You will put your response to the second question here, in essay format.BUS 661: Global Health Policy and Management Paper.

Life Course and its Importance in Studies of the Determinants of Health

The heading should not be written as a question or that you asking questions within the paper. This is where you will answer the question, “What is the life course and why is it important in studies of the social determinants of health?” You will put your response to the third question here, in essay format.

Also, you must provide at least six scholarly references and cite the references in the form of in-text citations in the body of the paper (i.e., the textbook and six additional peer-reviewed sources). Again, when you reference material in your paper, you must also have in-text citations in the body of the paper for each reference. Remember, EVERY citation must correspond to a reference and EVERY reference must correspond to a citation. You CANNOT have one without the other.BUS 661: Global Health Policy and Management Paper.

Summary and Conclusions

This section will tie together all sources used for this case study, conclusions drawn from the reading and any inconsistencies. This section will generally be one to two paragraphs. Notice the paper has a continuous flow; there are no page breaks between sections. The only page breaks occur between the title page and the introduction and the summary/conclusions and the reference page. All references for the case study must appear on a separate page (see the following page for an example).



This section will reference all original work cited throughout the paper. It also gets its own page, meaning that it will not start at the bottom of a previous page. The heading should appear at the top of the page and all reference material should be listed below in alphabetical order by first last name; also, the title for books is always in italic format and in sentence form. In contrast to book references, the title for articles is in sentence format, not in italic, but the name of the publisher is in italic. See examples below:

Barzani, R. S. (2014). Studying the effects of business strategies on the organization’s       performance in regards to human resources’ policies at the social security insurance      companies based. International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social         Sciences, 4(5), 549-561.

Chopra, M., Munro, S., Lavis, J. N., Vist, G., & Bennett, S. (2008). Effects of policy options for

human resources for health: An analysis of systematic reviews. The Lancet, 371(9613),


Holt, D. (2016). Branding in the age of social media. Harvard Business Review (online). Retrieved from: https://hbr.org/2016/03/branding-in-the-age-of-social-media

McShane, S., & Von Glinow, M. (2017). Organizational behavior (8th ed.). New York, NY:         McGraw-Hill

Merson, M. H., Black, R. E., & Mills, A. J. (2018). Global health: Diseases, programs, systems, and policies (4th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett Learning



You must also provide a reference for all sources used to support the case study. (Note: As a minimum, the textbook and six additional peer-reviewed sources will be used and referenced.)BUS 661: Global Health Policy and Management Paper.

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