Applying the Theoretical Models in Family Health Assessment Essay.

Applying the Theoretical Models in Family Health Assessment Essay.

Today, chronic illnesses are the leading cause of suffering and death in the elderly
population. Chronic illnesses result to over reliance and over dependence on family members.
Therefore, caring for a family member with a chronic illness may be challenging as it drains
economic, social and physical resources. Applying the Theoretical Models in Family Health Assessment Essay.Within this family unit, it is highly significant that a
balance is sought to ensure that no family member feels some kind of burden or weight placed on
him/her. In this case, the family structural theory would be used to promote the functionality of
every member and communication patterns. The family developmental theory would be used to
determine the change patterns and the family’s dynamic nature for a successful change process
(Polan & Taylor, 2018).


For instance, in Susie’s case, it would be wise for the nurse to advise her on seeking for
assistance using her insurance to find out if it is possible to get a nursing assistant to come home
daily and help with providing care to Mrs. Jones. Besides, Susie may consider having a home
maker to help with the house chores on agreed days in a week.Applying the Theoretical Models in Family Health Assessment Essay. However, this change will need
strong communication skills, respect and trust and there are high chances that family roles will
gradually adjust with this change (Polan & Taylor, 2018). It is necessary that Susie and Mrs.
Jones are educated about their roles in this change. To ensure that the new routines are adhered
to, it would be mandatory that a schedule with a calendar is designed. The changes that will
occur in this family are huge and may appear to be difficult. Therefore, to ensure a smooth
transition, each of the family members will need to be educated in ways that the transition can be
It will also be worth it to create a role for Mrs. Jones in the house to promote her self-
esteem as a major contributor to the family. Besides, she could be allowed to visit a local day
care of aged people at the community possibly 3-4 times a week. If the home is spacious enough, it would be wise for Mrs. Jones to have her personal room which will make her feel independent.
Health education will add to the knowledge of each family member on how their roles will
contribute to a good health status for the entire family. Family members will know how to
engage Mrs. Jones in activities to prevent her from going into depression (Polan & Taylor,
2018). Apart from the family building a strong family support system for Mrs. Jones, health
education will enhance the ability of family members to find Mrs. Jones a good social support
group depending on her diagnosis to improve her quality of life.


Polan, E., & Taylor, D. (2018). Journey across the life span: Human development and health
promotion.Applying the Theoretical Models in Family Health Assessment Essay.

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