Apple Slows Down older IPhones Essay.

Apple Slows Down older IPhones Essay.


Apple slows down older iPhones

On 20th December last year, Apple admitted that its iOS software slows down performance by other older iPhones. According to the company, the iOS does this in an effort to counteracting problems that are found in aging lithium-ion batteries. Once a battery gets older, the amount of charge it holds reduces and if put under a lot of stress, it can unpredictably shut down. The software by Apple avoids this from occurring by slowing performance (Pun et al., 2016).Apple Slows Down older IPhones Essay.


Apple’s admission to this fact raised numerous questions and stirred outrage online leading to criticism getting fierce over the lack of transparency by Apple regarding its policies on batteries. For the longest time, people believe that Apple prohibits devices that are older to get clients to purchase new prototypes (Kessler &Brendel, 2016).

As a result of their action, Apple got sued for decisively decelerating older iPhone copies in the case of new models being released. Represented by Wilshire Law Firm, the residents of Los Angeles Dakota Speas and Stefan Bogdanovich filed for the lawsuit. The lawsuit revealed that the two Apple clients owned numerous iPhone models, including iPhone 7, and they realized that their, “older iPhone models slows (sic) down when new models come out.” As per these two, they did not agree to having the company slow down their gadgets nor could they “choose whether they preferred to have their iPhones slower than normal.”Apple Slows Down older IPhones Essay.

What kinds of actions has Apple taken?

Despite the uproars and chaos that resulted because of this mistake by Apple, the company took certain steps in trying to make up to their customers. These include:

  • Apple formally apologized on 28th December – The company realized that they were wrong thus they apologized for not showing transparency and being upfront with their customers concerning how it handles performance on iPhones with batteries that are older (Rodrigues et al., 2015).
  • The company offered low-cost replacement of the battery – Instead of substituting with the normal $79, this price was reduced to $29. This decision or sale took effect immediately as ordered by Apple.Apple Slows Down older IPhones Essay.
















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