American Indian Philosophies and Worldviews Assignment Paper.

American Indian Philosophies and Worldviews Assignment Paper.

Format: 2-3 pages, 1” margins, double-spaced, 10-12 pt font. Please do not add a cover sheet. Simply include your name, course number (AIS 320), and Essay 1 at the top of the page (either centered or adjusted left).


Also, no secondary sources are required. You need only refer to the reading assignments (and lectures, when appropriate).. American Indian Philosophies and Worldviews Assignment Paper.For example, “William Apess brings up the issue of a disputed deed to Marshpee land, which he makes the central part of his argument to the Massachusetts General Court that the state is responsible for redressing the Marshpee’s grievance against Phineas Fish (64-65).” Furthermore, whenever making a direct quote from the book, quotations should be brief, a sentence or two at a time. Please avoid using lengthy block quotes.



Making references to God Is Red by Vine Deloria Jr, answer the following questions:

Vine Deloria Jr, God Is Red: A Native View of Religion (Golden, CO: Fulcrum Publishing, 2003)

Look at the stories that Deloria tells in chapters 1, 5 and 8 about the archeological excavation in Welch, Minnesota (p 10-11), the missionary and the Indian story of corn (p 84-85), and the supernova of the year 1054 (p 134). Taking the chapter in-which each story appears as context, what does each story teach about the differences in how western culture and civilization understands human remains and artifacts, sacred stories, and natural phenomena differently than their American Indian counterparts? In your concluding paragraph, explain what these stories teach the reader about American Indian religion and how it is different from Christianity? Remember, you are being asked to explicate ideas in God Is Red. American Indian Philosophies and Worldviews Assignment Paper.

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Research and Training Center. University of Arizona: Tucson. American Indian Philosophies and Worldviews Assignment Paper.
Essays in Philosophy
file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/gilm5276/Desktop/Essays%20HTML/lovern.html[9/18/2009 5:08:33 PM]
Quinn, W. W.. (1985). “Metaphysics in Traditional Cultures: The North American Indian Case”.
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Eds. A. Bailey and C. Cuomo. McGrawHill: Boston. (pp. 826-841) American Indian Philosophies and Worldviews Assignment Paper.

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