Adaptation and Transition Experience in Nursing Essay

Adaptation and Transition Experience in Nursing Essay

Differences and Similarities of Adaptation

The Modeling and Role-Modeling Theory is founded on the key characteristics of patients as social human beings and builds upon their interactions and functions. Thus, it employs several fundamental premises regarding the similarities and differences between individual patients and offers solutions for nurses based on these beliefs and concepts (Masters, 2014). The list of differences includes adaptation, which is widely presented in other nursing theories.Adaptation and Transition Experience in Nursing Essay

The concept of adaptation is broadly comparable in its definition to the related concepts suggested by other nursing theories. Most prominently, Roy’s Adaptation Model defines adaptation as a natural function that offers means of coping with external stimuli in order to mitigate the effects of stressors and achieve a positive response to the external environment (Snowden, Donnell, & Duffy, 2014). The Modeling and Role-Modeling (MRM) Theory uses a more focused definition which nevertheless involves essentially the same list of characteristics, describing adaptation as a continuous interactive process which requires the allocation of internal resources in order to address the occurring stressors (Masters, 2014). In addition to the similarity of selected components, the MRM theory definition implies the focus on patients’ values and opinions as a baseline which determines the nursing practitioner’s activities, and views adaptation as a way to further empower the patient to independently adapt to the future changes and stressors, which is currently accepted as a norm in the field of nursing. However, some theorists, such as Roy, emphasize the disaggregation of adaptation (and, by extension, the individual who possesses the trait) into parts that can be addressed in separation, while MRM theory emphasizes the necessity of the holistic approach (Masters, 2014). This effect likely originates in the fact that the former treats adaptation as a core concept (which requires detailed analysis) while the latter suggests an encompassing approach that incorporates adaptation in its entirety.Adaptation and Transition Experience in Nursing Essay


Therefore, despite the existence of technical differences, the central principles of adaptation in MRM theory are mostly similar to those offered by other nursing theorists.

Transition Experience

One of the easiest examples of transition experienced in my life was the role transition associated with starting my education as a student nurse. I can characterize it as a developmental transition since it involves the necessity to acquire new competencies, attain new skills, and demands a certain shift of ethical and behavioral paradigms. The pattern of the transition is sequential since it has a starting point which leads to the eventual introduction of related events, such as the modification of behavior, the gradual increase of the load associated with academic requirements, and, most importantly, the redefinition of the range of responsibilities. In retrospect, I can identify three major categories of perceptions attached to the transition: the conflicting feelings related to my initial decisions of becoming a nursing practitioner, the dynamic changes of understanding of nursing profession, and a more encompassing shift in perception of the meaning of life. During the initial stage of the transition (first weeks), the first perception was largely hindering my progress since my confidence was somewhat undermined, which, in turn, compromised my motivation and engagement. Adaptation and Transition Experience in Nursing Essay. This effect disappeared over time as I became more determined and less hesitant. The second perception had a more evident positive effect in that it helped me in clear identification of new goals and priorities and guided the transition process. Finally, the perception of shift in understanding of the meaning of life was more subtle. It gave me a clearer sense of direction and eventually helped me coping with stress associated with the transition, but the extent to which the effect can be ascribed solely to it is unclear.


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