Accountability in Healthcare Discussion Paper.

Accountability in Healthcare Discussion Paper.

This assignment will be at least 1500 words. Address each bulleted item (topic) in detail including the questions that follow each bullet. There should be three (3) sections in your paper; one for each bullet below. Separate each section in your paper with a clear brief heading that allows your professor to know which bullet you are addressing in that section of your paper. Include a “Conclusion” section that summarizes all topics.Accountability in Healthcare Discussion Paper.

This week you will reflect upon accountability in healthcare and address the following questions:

  • Briefly define an Accountability Care Organization (ACO) and how it impacts health care providers:
    1. How do ACOs differ from the health maintenance organizations (HMOs) of earlier years
    2. What role does health information technology (HIT) play in the newer models of care?
  • What is the benefit of hospitals partnering with primary care providers?
    1. How does bundling payments contain healthcare costs?
    2. How does pay for performance (P4P) improve quality care?
  • Briefly discuss the value-based purchasing program?
    1. How do value-based purchasing (VBP) programs affect reimbursement to hospitals?
    2. Who benefits the most from value-based reimbursement and why?
    3. How does the VBP program measure hospital performance?


Assignment Expectations

Length: 1500-2000 words in length

Structure: Include a title page and reference page in APA format. These do not count towards the minimal word amount for this assignment.  Your essay must include an introduction and a conclusion.

References: Use the appropriate APA style in-text citations and references for all resources utilized to answer the questions. A minimum of two (2) scholarly sources are required for this assignment.


Accountability entails ensuring that one is able to take responsibility for the actions or consequences that arise due to certain actions. Also, accountability brings a need to ensure that set goals and objectives are met in the organizations. Accountability in Healthcare Discussion Paper.The healthcare sector is very crucial in the society and guaranteeing good health care service provision requires that the service providers remain accountable for their actions (Berenson & Rice, 2015). Handling the lives of people is of utmost importance and hence accountability is a critical trait that should be possesses by the practitioners in the healthcare sector.

The importance is brought about by the fact that the people are responsible for providing solutions to wellness and health issues. At the same time, healthcare facilities also play a big role in bringing restoration to people who are weak. The community, environment and the lives of many people are at stake when they visit the healthcare facilities. In order to preserve the wellness of these three elements, it is important that the industry players in the healthcare sector remain accountable for their recommendations and actions.

Accountability Measurement

The level of accountability is mostly dependent on how well a person is aware of the things they are supposed to do and those they are not supposed to. In the healthcare sector, employees have the necessary knowledge which is standard for all and it helps them to handle any medical issues (Press, Rajkumar & Conway, 2016). In measuring accountability, it is important to rate how well a person is able to execute their roles and duties in the hospitals. This can be done through supervision by the seniors and analyzing how well a person is able to cater to the patients. Other than treating people, it is also crucial that the employees understand the importance of having a good relationship with the patients through being adherent to the code of conduct. Accountability can also be measured through checking on how well a person is able to follow the code of conduct and maintain a professional relationship with the patients. Other than this, the practitioners can be rated on how well they are able to handle employees’ information and their confidentiality levels while attending to the patients. Through analyzing these aspects, it becomes possible to know how well a person is at being accountable for their actions and recommendations in the healthcare sector.

Application of Accountability

Accountability goes beyond the one on one interaction between the health practitioners and the patients or anyone seeking healthcare services. One of the most basic aspects in how well a person is treated for any ailments and the knowledge that guides the practitioners to treat this people. On the other hand, there are other aspects of the healthcare industry that determine the accountability levels. Ethical compliance is very crucial as it helps to preserve the professional balance among all people in the healthcare facilities (Piña, Cohen, Larson, Marion, Sills, Solberg & Zerzan, 2015). Therefore, the code of ethics and conducts is essential in the application of accountability in the healthcare sector. Also, this obligation goes beyond the ethics as it brings about the issue of financial accountability. The leadership of the health care institutions has the obligation to ensure that the management of the funds is done well and that all the funds are put into good use. Accountability in Healthcare Discussion Paper.Financial accountability goes a long way in promoting good performance and improving on customer confidence in the healthcare sector.



Checks and Balances

In the healthcare sector, there are many risks that are potentially threatening to the consumers as well as the healthcare providers. In this regard, it is important that checks and balances are put in place to help in salvaging the situations that are threats to the wellbeing of the stakeholders. This means that it is important to have certain measure in place to enable risk reduction and prevent contingent occurrences. This can be done through having various training sessions to help in refreshing the knowledge of the practitioners and actually making them better at their jobs. On the other hand, it is important to have regular evaluations of a professional and social level to ensure that any issues ae discovered early and are addressed before they becomes detrimental to the organization. In this regard, it is important to have checked and balances that help to prevent or deal with any contingent issues that come up. For the successful organization it is important to make the checks and balances comprehensive as well as regular.

Accountability and Organizational Culture

Accountability is very important in helping to bring forth good organizational performance and culture. Many well performing organizations are able to keep up with good customer flow based on their levels of accountability. Accountability helps to bringing about a good customer service culture as people are able to trust the organization more. In this regard, it is paramount that accountability becomes one of the core values in every organization in order to help in building on the relationships that are there. Also, accountability promotes good performance hence a good working culture comes up due the ease in which people meet the set objectives.

It is important to acknowledge the important role that accountability has in bringing together hard work, good customer relations and a good interpersonal culture among the employees. Through this, it is possible to have a good outcome in helping to build on the culture. Accountability is a positive addition to the organization as it is an all rounded tool in improving performance as well as customer relations. The culture of an organization is built on by having a good base to have better chances of meeting the set objectives while still meeting all the obligations it has to all stakeholders.

Maintaining a Good Working Culture

The main players in any organization are the employees who are actually involved in the production process as well as service provision. In light of this, it is crucial to have good working culture that can be easily maintained. One way to help in maintaining the good culture is through having a good chance bringing together well qualified individuals to work in the organization (Denis, 2014). At the same time, it is important that a good sense of belonging is created through appreciation of employees and their good work.

Appreciation is also complimented by the provision of all resources to help the employees execute their duties well. Through provision of all the required resources a good chance to have people understand and actually execute their mandates well. It is also important to ensure that everyone is aware and they understand the kind of roles given to them as well as the person they are answerable to. Having this in check helps to ensure that people work independently to accomplish their roles and at the same time develop a good working culture that helps them complement each other in meeting the set organizational objectives.



Denis, J. L. (2014). Accountability in healthcare organizations and systems. Healthcare Policy, 10(SP), 8.

Piña, I. L., Cohen, P. D., Larson, D. B., Marion, L. N., Sills, M. R., Solberg, L. I., & Zerzan, J. (2015). A framework for describing health care delivery organizations and systems. American journal of public health, 105(4), 670-679.

Berenson, R. A., & Rice, T. (2015). Beyond measurement and reward: methods of motivating quality improvement and accountability. Health services research, 50, 2155-2186.

Press, M. J., Rajkumar, R., & Conway, P. H. (2016). Medicare’s new bundled payments: design, strategy, and evolution. Jama, 315(2), 131-132.Accountability in Healthcare Discussion Paper.

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