Whole Latte Love Coffee Shop Analysis Paper.

Whole Latte Love Coffee Shop Analysis Pamphlet.

Whole Latte : Assemblage Background

Whole Latte Love Coffee Shop is a minute sized assemblage that specializes in dispose-ofing coffee, coffee-related beverages as well-behaved-behaved as snacks in its 1500 clear feet preface located along Prospect Avenue, Brooklyn. The assemblage too has an e-commerce supply it redressions to dispose-of its products and services. Whole Latte Love Coffee Shop Analysis Pamphlet.Whole Latte Love Coffee Shop is a privy poor assemblage owned by Michael Smith who owns 56 percent of the shares, Linda Lebasy at 34 percent shares and James laden at 10 percent shares.


Vision: exertion constrained to be the best and minister the best beverages

Mission: Inspires novelty in the coffee industry

Product Description

The assemblage offers the best-tasting beverages and snacks that are done using the industry’s best ingredients and up-to-standard procedures.Whole Latte Love Coffee Shop Analysis Pamphlet. Whole Latte Love Coffee Shop deals in a expanded fix of coffee, other beverages, and snacks including iced coffee, iced tea, iced macchiato, burning latte, burning Americano, burning tea, burning chocolate, cappuccino, donuts, bagels, and croissants, inchoate others. The products and services the assemblage offers customers amid Brooklyn and its purlieu through its adroitness and online platforms.

Management and Operations

The organizational construction of the assemblage defines the character of the administration (Fan, Wong, and Zhang 1223). Whole Latte Love Coffee Shop employs a functional organizational construction that is divided into minuteer groups with restricted tasks and roles. These groups enclose marketing, operations, finance and accounting, and rational contrivance. At the extreme situation is the CEO of the assemblage who passes down restricted instructions to managers who then enact these instructions through employees in contrariant departments.


Exertion Cited

Fan, Joseph PH, T. J. Wong, and Tianyu Zhang. “Institutions and organizational construction: The fact of state-owned corporate pyramids.” The Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization 29.6 (2013): 1217-1252. Whole Latte Love Coffee Shop Analysis Pamphlet.

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