The Cardiovascular And The Nervous System Assignment Papers.

The Cardiovascular And The Nervous System Assignment Papers.




I think the most interesting thing I learned while conducting research for the final project was the interaction between the cardiovascular and the nervous system. Actually, that was the most interesting part of the whole course for me- the interaction between all the systems. How they depend on upon each other to survive was pretty fascinating. The Cardiovascular And The Nervous System Assignment Papers.

Specifically about the interesting fact of the cardiovascular system, though. I’m not sure if it’s that I didn’t know or just never put it into words, but reading about the way the brain controls the rate of our heartbeats was pretty fascinating:

The vagal tone is the “interference” the brain runs on the heart’s beats per minute (BPM). As the “intrinsic rate of the heart” is faster than is necessary for most activities throughout each day, the nervous system slows the heart to the necessary rate through the vagus nerve (Hendrickson, 2014). The Cardiovascular And The Nervous System Assignment Papers.



One of the more interesting facts I discovered while researching was that we produce about 1.5 to 2 liters of saliva everyday! As my disease for the final project I talked about Crohn’s disease and I learned a lot about it, along with other inflammatory bowel diseases. I thought it was interesting how common of a disease it is! Almost 1 million people are affected every year which I thought was a very surprising number. I has some prior knowledge of the digestive system but I realized there was a lot I didn’t know and I think it’s fascinating how all of the organs work together to break down, process and use the food and nutrients that we consume. The Cardiovascular And The Nervous System Assignment Papers.



Both of my parents have high percentages of Norwegian in their family lines. My father has some Scandinavian in his family line as well. My father’s family were heavy farmers and big on daily chores and tending to animals. This ran in the Paulson family for quite some time. My mother’s side of the family were labor workers and always had a high pride in their work ethic. My mother specifically set the tone for education importance in her family as the first to purse her bachelors and masters degrees. My family origin and culture has impacted or steered my early learning experiences in many ways. We were taught at very young ages to carry pride in our work and to do our best at all times. This steered my learning in such a manner that I knew that if I wanted to reach my goals only I could get myself there. I believe my family culture also affected my teaching beliefs and practices that hard work and persistence will guide us on our learning paths and help to achieve success. School was always rather difficult for me growing up. My parents always placed high priority on education and this guided me to continue pursuing my educational career after high school. This has impacted my teaching practices to offer support and guidance to help struggling students to keep trying and continue to persist as practice will strengthen your skills. My teaching practices highly surround practicing skills and utilizing fun activities to practice our content being learned. Ensuring enjoyment in learning is a big goal I always try to reach for my students. The Cardiovascular And The Nervous System Assignment Papers.



I am half Chinese and Filipino. I was born and raised in Philippines. My Father is Chinese and my mother is Filipino. I get used on the Filipino culture. My father is a seaman while my mom is plain house wife who is taking care of her 5 children. In my family I am the only one who have attended and graduated in college. Some of my siblings were not, because they got married at their early age. I was proud to myself that I was able to finished and got my Bachelor’s degree. Culture isn’t just a list of holidays or shared recipes, religions tradition, or language. I believed that it is lived experience unique to each individual. As teacher it is my job to stimulate the intellectual development of children. I would engage my students and reach out to them in ways that are culturally, responsive, appropriate and to have an open communication between and my students. Understanding and respecting my own culture roots can help me respect my student’s culture roots too. I would encourage my students to go to school every day and how education is very important to everyone and with their education they improve their level of happiness, helping them to feel more confident about their selves, self- assured and empowered throughout their daily life. Make them realize how education is very important. The Cardiovascular And The Nervous System Assignment Papers.


A job or position that I have held in which I delegated to others or had responsibilities delegated to you. Was when I was in the United States Navy.I had just made E4,petty officer BM3 SW/AW Conners was my job title. I was put in charge of division 2 and delegated to supervise over 20 sailors. Just my luck in serve was right around the corner, for those who don’t know in serve is a navy wide inspection. That insures each commissioned ship in the navy fleet is battle ready. I was very knowledgeable of my rate saying that I enlisted as an E1,so I had a complete understanding of what needed to be done/fix to ensure our success. My first mistake was assuming just because I understood what need to be done that my sailors understood too. An here’s were the storm begins, actually getting them to complete a task in a timely manner while being as efficient as possible. While also dealing with everyone’s newly formed opinion, because I was once in their position an now I’m the one giving orders. Was the most stressful ordeal I have to ever deal with byfar.We passed in serve ultimately after a lot of extra duty was distributed, but if I could change anything about the experience it would be my ability to manage better. When manage a group of people it’s more than just telling someone what to do, its several other factors you have to take in account.

The next two posts are draft of blog discuss specific ways to improve the draft. The Cardiovascular And The Nervous System Assignment Papers.



In my experience over the years I have had many opportunities to have delegated tasks on me to move up or gain more experience in my field of work. The most delegated experience I have had was when I became an assistant manager at a fast food place. The work I had from a regular worker to a shift leader was a lot to catch up to. However, once I practiced at it, the manager decided to delegate more onto me because she felt I would be ready to try management. It was an experience I wouldn’t forget. It was hard work, but it taught me some things that this class is teaching me now so I am happy to say I am glad I went through it.



I find that training the front desk staff is the most important department to train in a medical facility.  This may sound strange but it is the first point of contact for a patient and can dictate how a visit goes from start to finish; from booking the appointment to paying the final balance.

Training the front desk to know the most common words and their meaning will help them to better assist in getting the doctors paid for their services, which in turns pays their paychecks.  Using the correct verbiage is important as well when answering patients questions about how much their visit will cost.

Key terms the front desk staffing should know and understand are, but not limited to; deductible, co-pay, co-insurance and out of pocket.  Deductible is the amount the patient pays prior to their insurance will pay.  This word seems to be the most confusing to patients as not all procedures are subjected to being applied to their deductible.  Co-pay is typically a set amount and co-insurance is a percentage.  Out of pocket is exactly what it sounds like and that is what the patient pays out of their own pocket.  Out of pocket is a combination of deductible, co-pay and co-insurance. The Cardiovascular And The Nervous System Assignment Papers.

The front desk knowing these terms and how they are used will help them to explain to patients why they are collecting money at the time of service.  It will also help the patient to understand that they may receive a statement after their health insurance processes their visit.


When the front desk staff is trained properly on how to answer questions and collect information that is needed, it makes the other departments know how to help patient better.  It helps to build trust, increase revenue and repeat patients.  When patients are given information up front, they are appreciative and tend to return for other services as they feel they will not be taken advantage of.

I think my blog is specific in what things are important to add to training of front desk staff.  I feel I need to work on better explain why it is important but in non-billing language.  I find that explaining new ideas in layman’s terms helps people to understand more on a personal level.  What items do you feel I need to expand on and explain better?


The Cardiovascular And The Nervous System Assignment Papers.


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