Special Occasion Speech Essay Assignment Papers.

Special Occasion Speech Essay Assignment Papers.


Need all the following done that is listed below.

I will record the speech once you write it. The speech must last 3 to 4 mintues.

Please write speech as if you are speaking. Special Occasion Speech Essay Assignment Papers.


Assignment 4: Special Occasion Speech Three items worth 150 points total:


Assignment Item Due Date Points
Outline Week 9 25
Speech (3–4 min.) Week 10 95



You’ve reached the final step of your effective speaking journey! In this course, you’ve learned about the power of effective speaking by developing and delivering introductory, informative, and persuasive speeches. Your last assignment is to prepare and deliver a special occasion speech.  Special Occasion Speech Essay Assignment Papers.


Special occasion speeches are different from the other types of speeches you’ve given. You’ll develop this speech around the purpose of the special occasion, which you can choose from the four options listed in Step 2.



Instructions:  In order to obtain full credit for this assignment, please complete all steps below. You may want to print this assignment and check off each step as you completeit. Special Occasion Speech Essay Assignment Papers.


STEP 1: Select a Topic

Topic Bank

(Choose only one topic.)


Speech of Introduction


Introduce a classmate whom you have nominated for the “Most Effective Speaker” award in your COM201 course. Special Occasion Speech Essay Assignment Papers.


Speech of Acceptance


You have been given an award for the “Most Persuasive Speech” and must give an acceptance speech at an awards banquet to close the night.


Speech of Presentation


Your instructor is being honored with an “Outstanding Learning Award” at a local Strayer University sponsored event and you have been asked to present the award.


Commemorative Speech


Topic Examples: (Choose your own topic)


•       Paying tribute to Elie Wiesel

•       Paying tribute to the Make-A-Wish Foundation


STEP 2: Create an Outline (due Week 9)

  • Create an outline or speaking notes in Microsoft Word. A sample template is available in the “Assignment 4: Outline” section located in Week 9 of your course.
  • Structure and organize your speech so you’ll stay within the 4-minute time limit.
  • Go to the Week 9 “Assignment 4: Outline” section and upload your outline. qThe outline is worth 25 points and is graded separately.


STEP 3: Deliver, Record, and Upload Your Speech (due Week 10)

  • Go to the Week 10 “Assignment 4: Special Occasion Speech” section and click the link under “Instructions” to access Speech Assignment Submission Instructions.
  • Refer to your outline to deliver your speech. Do not read your notes word for word. Make sure you record your speech delivery with a computer, phone, or tablet.
  • Watch your recording. Do you want to submit it, or do you want to record another version?
  • Go to the Week 10 “Assignment 4: Special Occasion Speech” section and upload your speech. For additional help recording and uploading your speech, go to the “Course Tool Help” link in the left-hand navigation bar in Blackboard and review the Speech Assignment Submission Guide located under “Kaltura Media and Webcam Recorder Help.” Special Occasion Speech Essay Assignment Papers.


Discussion Question

A Speech for Every Occasion


  • What makes a special occasion?
  • How can you apply, to special occasion speeches, the speaking skills you have worked on throughout the term?
  • Share a special occasion speech you gave or heard (or find a recorded one online and share the link). What made the speech effective? What can you apply from that experience to your own communication skillset? Special Occasion Speech Essay Assignment Papers.

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